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.Friday, September 11, 2009 @ 1:16 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This

Now I'm getting closer to you,
Hold me, I just can't be without you,
You kiss me, I'm falling,
It's your name I'm calling,
You touch me, I want you,
Feels like I've always known you.

So. I'm actually regretting not concentrating in the first few weeks of lectures. I'm in need of certain notes. Pfft. N'way, here's some random stuff.

-Business Maths paper on Saturday. 6 fucking chapters to revise in 1 night. X mampos lak aku.

-Oh, there was this guy that added me in Myspace. & guess where he first saw me? In KUIS Bangi. Haha wtf. When I went to KUIS to fetch Amin the other day his car was parked a few spots away from mine. & he finds me in myspace. Not bad. Haha.

- Currently cramping Public Speaking notes into my head while replying the dozens of cmnts in Myspace & ym-ing with Anas. Hah, check tht wey.

- Anas called me bongok just now. I said, "A'ah, mmg aku bongok, nak wat camne kan," & he thought I touching. But I really meant what I said. Bongok & proud. HOHO.

- Oh, td ade org topupkan I. Sape eh? Whoever yg topupkan rm5 td, thx a lot. However, sry la klu u ade msg tp I xblas, wat2 xde credit kot HAHA. So many guys msg me, I get very the mlas to lyn so I tell them I xde credit. Now I can't use tht excuse b'cuz Idk who reloaded my phone. Pfft.

- Nowadays I get very mellow & start listening to jiwang songs. Bodo ah, jd emo lak aku.

- Tgh sanggap kot. HAHA. I haven't been kissed in like god knows how long, & I'm sure missing being hugged & kissed. However, no one's gonna get their stupid hands on me no matter what, unless I allow them to, which is highly unlikely.

- To Nad: weh, Haikal ajk aku secare personal kot psl yg gi bukak pose kat Alamanda tuuu. Hahaha. Aku dtg la kot. Die suruh aku dtg, die nak blanje aku. Weeeee. :P

- I currently want my Sampoerna. & another shisha session. Full stop.

- Mummy told me to bring Amin back home fer bkk pose one of this days. Oh, & she told me to ajk him stay at our hse if he wants to, like last time. Since papa's gonna be going back to KB. Hahaha. Even mummy's getting sneaky. Idk why, but in a way it looks as if she's trying to get us back together. The other day she asked my why I didn't bother to call him. As usual, I told mummy, "I want him to come to me himself, I don't want to feel as if I terhegeh2 at him." She kept quiet.

- Today something was seriously wrong with me. I was so full of hatred, which is saying something cuz the word 'hate' never usually applies to me. Kept on feeling like crying. But I'm fine now, I suppose. So don't worry Hafiz. (:

- Something's wrong with my phone. I can't take photos! Waaaaaa punye la sakit ati aku. Tht's one of the reasons I'm in a bad mood I suppose. Frh the camwhore without a cam. Doesn't jive, obviously.

- Before I forget. Fer you peeps who want advise on love & relationships go to Arif's blog. He's one of my myspace friends, of to be more exact one of Amin's friends I think. Or his roommate's friend, ntah. He changed his blog into a place where you can get tips on love & stuff. Interesting really, go visit. ;)

- Talking of myspace. More girls are adding me, after seeing their boyfs cmnting me. Haha. Thinking back, I don't care really, as long as y'all don't get messy with me. I understand really, you tend to want to know who your boyf talks to, just in case he doesn't 'curang'. Did tht countless times last time, with Amin. HOHO. Well fyi, don't worry ladies, your boys are safe, b'cuz I'm definitely not interested, no matter how hot or cute he is. Cuz like you girls, my heart is taken. Only don't bitch with me, I'll fucking make sure you choke on your own saliva.

- So this is getting too random. Basically there's nothing to post but I felt like blogging, so yea. Maybe I should stop now.

Wish me luck fer my finals bbys. & gud luck to Utarians, especially TA7, in case I won't see you guys. Gonna miss you guys wey! ):


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