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.Sunday, March 29, 2009 @ 12:05 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Escape The Fate - I Can Swing A Mic Like Nobody's Business

Just now, at 8.30-9.30pm we all had Earth Hour. Mummy turned off the lights, but left the aircon, tv, & laptop on. Haha. Menipu bnar kan? Lmao. But n'way, we had candles lit all around the living room & had a 'candlelight family dinner'. Lolz.

N'way, I spent two full days with syg these past 2 days, Thursday & Friday. Woot! Hee. Just usual outings I suppose, like going to his softball training & stuff but well, let's just say tht if I could repeat one night fer the rest of my life I'd choose tht night. Though a lot of probs came out after tht. Sheesh.

Our silly faces haha.
& mind you, tht's so not all.

We've been together fer 5months, 1week & 2days!! Yeay! & in five yrs time I'll be married to him with 3 kids WTFFFF.

I think I drank too much Pepsi to feel this hyper right now.

.Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 1:42 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Escape The Fate - Something

My bby Thomas left this morning. God, my little bby, our own family's little baby kitty.

I just can't face the fact tht one of my own cats are gone. I didn't even see him for the last time b'cuz of tht stupid driving test. But wtvr it is, God loves him, & he's gone to a way better place.

R.i.P. We all love you always bby Thomas. <33
Here's my tribute to you.

.Tuesday, March 24, 2009 @ 4:18 PM Y

Currently tuning into: The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho!

Gawd. These freaky dreams are driving me crazy. Klu mimpi indah xpe la gak. Seriously, if it wasn't for the fact tht I was sleepy, I wouldn't want to sleep. I mean, how could one even sleep when all you dream about is losing your boyf or things happening tht aren't even related to you or blurred images or scenes you don't seem to understand? Sekali sekale xpe la gak, tp klu dah smpi tiap2 mlm tu agk skit kan.

I've already dreamt of places I've nvr been to, ppl I've nvr met. I've dreamt of my boyf leaving me to go back to his ex. I've dreamt of being in a place where I'm basically unnoticed. & to add last night's dreams to the collection, I dreamt of having a fun day out with syg only to hear him saying in some conversation with some friend tht tht was the last day we'll be together, b'cuz the next day he was leaving & won't be seeing me again. & I dreamt of my poor little kitties tht died, & the one we were forced to put up for adoption. More nights like this & I'll have to declare myself psycho really. Sheesh.

Oh, had my final driving lesson again, yesterday. Hope it'll be the final anyway. Drove all the way to Kelana Jaya & back. For once it was actually fun driving a manual.

.Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 2:32 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Akon - Troublemaker

I told some dudee in YM (fyi, I still have no idea who he is) tht I'm getting engaged &..

datuk k kawin lari: xelok la tunang awal2....
datuk k kawin lari: nty cerai pon awal taw
datuk k kawin lari: huhuhuhu
datuk k kawin lari: cye laaa

frh, bby.: gurau je la
frh, bby.: mane de tunang skrg
frh, bby.: cpl pun br 5blan
frh, bby.: sheesh

datuk k kawin lari: kapel????
datuk k kawin lari: ummmmmmmm
datuk k kawin lari: mleppasssssss
datuk k kawin lari: ehehehehe
datuk k kawin lari: u
datuk k kawin lari: ckp la yg u guwau kapel 2

frh, bby.: lol
datuk k kawin lari: ek???
frh, bby.: xla
frh, bby.: nape lak? serious laa.

datuk k kawin lari: guwau kn???
datuk k kawin lari: kn?
datuk k kawin lari: kn?
datuk k kawin lari: kn?

frh, bby.: trang2 kat pg i i dah ade bf lak
datuk k kawin lari: uwaaaa
datuk k kawin lari has signed out. (23/3/2009 2:23 AM)

Lmao. Here's another:

ashraaf ikhwan: hey cute! ;D
ashraaf ikhwan: u cute..
ashraaf ikhwan: jom kawen..
ashraaf ikhwan: hahahahhhaha

frh, bby.: dah ade bakal suami la, sry
frh, bby.: heee
frh, bby.: (:

ashraaf ikhwan: haha..

Boy it feels so good to be taken. Ahaha. Fyi, these conversations took place while 3-4 more ppl were IM-ing me, including my boyf. T_T

Many ppl actually think I'm the type tht goes clubbing every night. Instead of asking first whether I go clubbing they ask where I go clubbing. & they find it uber weird when I say tht I've nvr been clubbing. Bangge gle kowt. Ngahahaha.

.Sunday, March 22, 2009 @ 8:45 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Yuna - This Is Ours

He loves me..he loves me not..he loves me..he loves me not..he loves me..he loves me not..?

Just got back from another clinic to get my jab done. Sheesh. I swear I hate the feeling of needles. Pfft. N'way, went to Duta Jaya, my doctor for the past 9 yrs! Haha. My fingers are feeling slightly better, I'm glad. But my mood's still mellow, sad, & down.

My mind's lingering over to a lot of irrelevant things. Hmm.

. @ 4:25 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come To An End)

This whole week has been horrible. Deaths of two kitties within one week. Found little Katy dead behind the washing machine when mummy & I came back from Kuantan on Wednesday. Late last night Lily fell sick, & died. Watched it suffer. Gosh I felt terrible, I sat by her side crying. It was heartwrenching seeing her gasping & trying hard to hold on. Her whole body was all cold. Due to her having epilepsy she bit my fingers, & hard. The pain was terrible enough to make me cry out like a baby while mummy bandaged my fingers. However after finishing up the dressing Lily was already gone. Started crying my lungs out of pain & sadness. Scary really. Couldn't go to sleep after tht. My fingers were throbbing of pain the whole night, & the very time I needed & wanted syg to accompany me the most, just happened to be the very time both of us had no credit. Pfft.

N'way, went to see the doctor just now, at Giant Putra Heights. Had to have an injection but unbelievably, the clinic didn't have the injection, due to some stupid power failure a few days back. Imagine tht wey, going to a clinic & finding out tht there's no antidote there. What if it was serious & I was going to die wey?! Sheesh.

Oh, I found it amusing how so many ppl thought I was the owner of Hinode shop. Haha. The doctor suddenly recognized me as "the girl at Hinode who always wears tight jeans", & started talking about jeans to me. Wtf. For God's sakes, my jeans were nvr too tight, & imagine me having a random chat with a doctor about jeans brands. WTF. We even spent half an hr in the doctor's room. Not b'cuz of my fingers, but b'cuz my mum & him were having a good chat about Islam (he's also a convert) & politics, all the way to Kelantan & budu. T_T

Went to Guardian just now to buy a pregnancy test kit for my aunt, with my mum. Went to the counter to pay. The lady there looked at me in a weird way, apparently suspicious tht I was buying a pregnancy test kit. Ngahahaha. Ape ke bangang la korg. Klu aku nye xde nye aku nak beli ngan mak aku kot. Duhh.

Oh, I find these facts here quite interesting. Some of them I actually do myself too. Haha.

Did you know that every night before you go to sleep there is one person of the opposite sex thinking of you. They want to kiss you, they want to be with you, they are always thinking about you..
















.Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 8:52 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Yuna - Katakan Dengan Indah

Do remind me to not drive when mummy's PMS-ing or having a bad mood. Just now she panicked the daylights out of me when I was driving to Giant. Sheesh. Obviously her panicking made me panic even more, so yea, I drove badly.

Dahlah ade kete polis kat dpan. Pergh. Nasib baik xstop. Nmpk sgt aku ni xtau drive kot.


. @ 11:05 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Couple - Tentang Kita

Gosh I feel awful, terrible.

What exactly got into me last night.

I feel so selfish, insecure, sadist, immature & only God knows how I feel. & no I'm not asking for sympathy.

I still can't believe I actually got jealous of my boyf's friends last night. For getting to spend more time with him than me. & to let it all out on him. Only to think back & say "Hey, he didn't come all the way from KL fer nothing," to myself. & I expect him to understand why I'm so upset when basically I didn't even open up & go straight to the point with him.

I'm doing the exact thing tht goes opposite with what I believe in. I believe tht no matter how much you love your girlf/boyf friends always come first, yet I get angry when he spends more time with his friends. I always get mad when he gets upset & won't tell me why, when basically I do the very same thing too. I talk so much like I understand everything yet I myself make so many stupid mistakes. Guess I know now why talk is cheap, & actions speak louder than words.

This is the main reason why I always said tht I'd never make a good girlf. I have everything tht could basically wreak anything; sensitivity, insecurity, jealousy, immaturity, so much more.

Sorry syggg.

This must be the first blog in the universe where the blogger actually talks bad about herself. Gosh I like like an idiot.

. @ 1:56 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Just A Taste

I feel so sick. Gah. I hate having mood swings, stupid period.

I feel like crying, I even feel like dying. ):

I wanna go to the beach.


.Thursday, March 19, 2009 @ 10:18 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Yuna - After Midnight

After midnight I shall kidnap you from the world,
and I'll keep you in my room,
hush now my love and hold my hand,


Currently browsing my 9k+ myspace comments for the less-than-50 cmnts of Casper & I when we first became friends. Haha, Gle kan aku nih. 5th June 2008, 3.06am. Or sumthing like tht n'way. We did more chatting on YM really. Which reminds me, he was the very 1st person I added in my newly made YM. It amuses me really how I cmnted him just like everyone else, not knowing at all tht in 4 months time he would be my boyf, when I had fully given up on all this cpl2 crap. Lol. & what did we talk about when we first chatted? Summer Splash. Haha. If there's one this yr I wouldn't mind going really, brings out a lot of memories. Also found cmnts with Ramzy too, when he told me he was Amin's friend & I was like "Huh? Amin mane lak?" Lmao. Oh, & I risked looking at stupid dumb cmnts from Yon as well. T_T

Going through all these cmnts, I can't help but feel amused at so many things tht I nvr really rmbred before this. Like for one, when he always called me late at night & I'd be half asleep on the phone, though everytime if he asked if I was sleepy I'd say no. Ahaha. Don't think he actually knew tht, until he reads my blog tht is. Miahahaha. & then there's tht time I laughed on the phone, & he said it was the first time he had ever heard me laugh, despite calling me so many times. Well, guess tht was the only time I wasn't half asleep. Haha. Can't blame me for laughing though, he was talking bout some gay calling him & flirting with him. Ahahahaha. Pe daaa.

But I rmbr well, one night when I was letting out my probs with Yon to him. He told me tht whoever who became my boyf should feel so darn lucky to have me as their galf. Fuhh. Ayt ley wat org nangis dowh. Lol. Starting to wonder if tht time he already had feelings fer me or not. Hmm.

Then there's tht time when he used his mum's phone to call me & pretended to be someone else, eventually spilling the beans when he got his own name mixed up. Ahaha. Ley lak Akmal tuka name jd Kamal kan? Roflmao. Oh ohh! & there's tht time he asked me to some prom! Excited dowh, I practically started breathing down WY & Nad's necks. Haha. But I couldn't go, b'cuz of trials, & b'cuz I was scared to tell mummy I wanted to go out with some guy whom I had nvr met. Sheesh. Byk lak cite aku. Syok nnt anak cucu cicit aku dgr. Ngahahaha.

Okay, so basically tht wasn't what I wanted to post about but I've forgotten what I originally wanted to post here so wtvr. Wtf. N'way, applied to Unisel just now, online. Now all I have to do is go to post some 20 bucks processing fee & a copy of my SPM results & IC. Woots! Seriously, mummy's not gonna throw me into Form 6. I hope I don't get any offer anyway. Pfft. Oh, & mummy brought her old Kancil back from Kuantan. Woohoo! Can't wait to get my license wey! If I pass la. Sheesh.

Tmrw, 20/3/09, is officially my fifth month with Casper. Officially the longest relationship I've ever had in my 17+ yrs of life. & I'm happy.

ilysdfm. <33

.Monday, March 16, 2009 @ 10:56 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Yuna - Cinta Sempurna

Just got back, after a seriously long day. Went to ECM, to bring the kids around. Then went to get my hair cut with my aunties.

Camwhoring with cuzzie Vye Ann.

Before haircut.

After haircut. Not much difference really, just more layered & straighter. Oh, with a fringe. Though basically the pics look just the same really.

Sry arr ppl. Aku mlas dowh nak update skrg. >.<

Oh btw, thx to all those from myspace tht actually follow my blog. Nvr knew a boring blog like mine could be popular. Haha.

& kpd korg yg ngade2 nak mintak webcam ngan aku, korg ni nak aku ckp bahase asing br fham ke? Dah aku ckp webcam hanye utk bf aku, korg ni nak aku ckp bahase pe br nak fham? Klu aku reject, pndi2 la korg fham. Xpun wat2 fham, kan senang. Menyampah tol aku ngan korg ni. Yg terase skit too, pndi2 la yerk.

& stop going as far as thinking tht I use my webcam to do some dirty stuff with my bf. Firstly, we don't do tht; I'm not the type to go tht far. Secondly, even if we did, it's doesn't fucking concern you fags. Sheesh, gram tol la ngan budak2 yg tak mengerti nih.

Oh ohh, if you have a blog, link meee!

.Sunday, March 15, 2009 @ 10:29 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Ashanti - The Way I Love You

Yaw it's frh reporting from Kuantan! LOL. Just spent a few hrs here & I'm already bored as fuck weh. N'way, here's some pics from today, just to waste my time really.

In the car, otw.

Yes, I brought my teddy bear along. Figured tht since nowadays tht was the only way I could actually sleep when syg couldn't call at night, I might as well bring it along. Haha. N'way, everyone, tht is my mum, & two aunties started laughing at me when they saw the way I actually slept with the bear. Lmao. N'way, just shrugged & when back to sleep. Haha. Tht is, until we arrived & I woke up to find tht they all were going inside, leaving me to sleep alone in the car. T_T

Boredom struck.

While lepaking with my aunties & mum & cuzzies. Tht hairband I'm wearing is from my childhood days, which one of my aunts bought when I was around 4 yrs old. Nice huh? (:

Going to cut my hair yet again tmrw. Just want to re-layer my hair & clear up the damage tht stupid hairstylist at Kota Bahru did. Pfft. Mama Han belanje! Woots! Lol. After tht going to ECM to bring the kids fer a little fun.

Oh, finally bringing the mummy's old Kancil, aka my future car back to Subang. Woots! Hope I actually pass my driving test nx week. =/

Oh, mum finally approved of me going to Unisel. Did some talking with her just now. Going to apply online whenever I have the time, once I'm finally sure of what course I wanna take & stuff, though my mind's set on Business. Overall fees; 13K plus. It's not tht expensive, kan? Swt. N'way, intake's in May, & I'll have to apply by April something (xigt tarikh daa).

UiTM can get lost fer all I care, tht is, if I can get accepted into Unisel. Wtf. N'way, fer now I'm just hoping tht mum won't suddenly change her mind. Though basically she'll just think I wanna go there to be with Amin, when he's not even there anymore. Sheesh. But seriously wey! I'm there to study bbys, not to date. Heee.

.Friday, March 13, 2009 @ 11:07 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Fall Out Boy - American Suitehearts

Gah. Now I'm getting all tensed up. These few nights I've been having weird dreams, most including me failing my driving test several times. Which reminds me, last night I dreamt tht I stole someone's car & went driving all over KL with Chris, Jeremy, & Jezri. Haha. Of all ppl. I miss you guys wey! Sll ckp nak lpak tp asyik xjd je. Sheesh. Oh, Jezri still owes me a round of shisha, I still haven't broken my shisha virginity. LOL!

To add to my headaches, I'm almost 99.99% sure I won't be able to get into UiTM. Ppl with 5As can't even get accepted, ape lg aku kan. Bell & I were just discussing really, on all these applying stuff. The only option I have left, tht is, my mum's option, is continuing Form 6. Gah gah gah! Spm pun aku xley nak handle sgt, jgn nak ckp Stpm la kan. Pfft. Gosh. I'm so Goddamn lost it's stupid. Was thinking about telling mum I wanna apply Unisel. I mean, what's 10K when I, Frh Alia, practically swear tht I want to be serious in studies after this? Yes, ridiculous as it sounds I really wanna study hard after this, if I can even get the chance. But only if I get into college / university. Form 6? Sry ar bai, aku xnak main form6 form 6 nih. Sry, but's thts the deal. I don't want anymore school uniform crap & stuff. Sheesh. Sigh, I can't really make much decisions, since after all, the ones paying are the parents, not me. ):

.Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 9:08 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Lady Gaga - The Fame

2As, 3Bs, 3Cs, & 2Ds. Yours truly's results. Gotten an A fer English & Est, as expected, B fer Maths, Bm, & weirdly Add Maths. Got C fer Chem, Physics & Agama, & Ds fer Sejarah & TK. Seriously speaking, I'm glad. I expected 2As of course, but I expected worse fer the rest. But what do you know? It's not tht bad really. Mummy was slightly disapointed, but even she had to agree, it was much better than all previous exams.

Cousin Azzri scored 5As, much expected really. & he's complaining tht he had bad results. On the bright side, I got a higher grade in Add Maths than him; he only scraped a C. HOHO.

I'm happy with what I have, though it's not much. Skrg aku melantak arr korg nak ckp aku dpt lg truk dr anak ko ke, cucu ko ke, anak buah ko ke wtvr. Pe aku kisah klu dorg lg pndi dr aku, aku lain, so diam.

Guess the only probs I have now is the driving test I have to retake & whether I'll get into Uitm Or not, though I have a feeling I'm won't make it. PLKN's out of the list I guess, I've checked several times & my IC number's no longer in the system, so I'll assume I'm done with tht. Though I'd have to say, all those tht came back from PLKN looked extremely fitter, & darker too. Haha.

N'way, before results Nad, Bell, & myself re-lived back our high school memoirs by eating nasi lemak in those school pondoks. Haha. Then after taking results tht came out at 11-ish, the three of us went to Taipan, to accompany Nad to the bank, & then lepak, before Bell went fer PLKN nx week.

Yea, Bell & I finally made up, after all these months. Couldn't see why I should be mad at her n'way, it was mainly my mistake too, that I nvr seemed to realise, tht is, until one fine night where syg said something to me, tht maybe made me accept the whole thing. But n'way, we're not as close anymore. What do you expect when you don't speak to a person in months huh? Heh.

N'way, after lepak-ing at Kayu or wtvr tht place's called, walked alone back to school to wait fer my mum. Walking from Taipan to school was quite fun actually, despite the hot weather & long 15 minute walk. Brought back a lot of memories from last yr. Haha. Then after mum fetched me went to Giant Putra Heights to do some grocery shopping & to collect my pay slip. As usual, Giant was empty, but I found it amusing when random ppl I don't rmbr seeing before asked me why I stopped work. Lol. Popular la lak kan. Haha. Poyo jerk.

.Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 11:04 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Flo-rida - Right Round

So. B'cuz of some fucking pole my car just barely touched, I fucking failed my JPJ test. Best luck fer me huh? Sheesh. So yea, basically I have to retake tht part. Fucker tol la.

On the bright side however, I may have been eliminated fer PLKN. Mum said there were changes in the 3rd batch due to Ramadhan month, so I checked & then:

No KP anda tidak terdapat dalam senarai yang terpilih.

Wouldn't want to confirm it until it's true, but I most probably think it is, since many of those who were originally from 3rd batch got transferred to 2nd batch, & the rest perhaps, were in a way eliminated from going, just like how I think I am. Woots!

Gah. Spm results tmrw. & I know my results. 2As, & only God knows what I got fer the rest. Or so I think.

.Tuesday, March 10, 2009 @ 6:05 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Eyes Set To Kill - Reach

Just got back from my last driving lesson. Tmrw's the freaking day. Gah. For once I'm hoping tht I could flirt my way out of this. Wtff. Haha. No no Frh Alia! Sheesh. On the bright side, I can really drive now, without the stupid engine dying out on me or summat.

I'm really nervous actually. At one time I'd feel so confident tht I can do it, but on the other hand I get so nervous I start to shudder. Sheesh. It's nerve wreaking really, I've paid so much fer lessons, & if I fail, I need to pay a whole lot more to re-do everything again. Seriously, if I fail this only time, I can just forget about my licence, full stop. T_T

Stick on tattoos' the shit wey.

.Sunday, March 08, 2009 @ 8:46 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Lady GaGa - Pokerface

Hey. I'm Frh Alia. & I'm currently feeling slightly hurt b'cuz my boyf said I have another guy. Eventhough he was just joking I feel very sensitive cuz I love him so so much & I would never ever want another guy, no matter how perfect or better tht other guy may be. My boyf is just perfect the way he is & I only want him, no matter what happens. He is the only one tht I want to spend the rest of my life with, full stop.

I banned him from going clubbing not b'cuz he wouldn't let me go, but everytime he goes clubbing I can't help but worry a few notches too high. I don't want him to do anything bad like taking drugs & stuff, though I'm sure he'll nvr do so. I don't want those bitches to have their hands all over him; he's only mine. Bad images form in my mind like him kissing another girl or maybe even worse & I just feel like shattering. Not tht I don't trust him, but I know perfectly well how a guys nature is to say this. I also don't want any other girl to get the same treatment from him as I; they so don't deserve it. In this case I don't mind being selfish or bitchy, I love him & nvr want to lose him, tht's wht matters the most.

I get very upset when I don't hear from him at night, eventhough I know well tht he ran out of credit or summat. I just get so insecure & suddenly feel tht he's not there fer me anymore. I have difficulties going to sleep at night cuz there's so much on my mind. Whenever he's in a bad mood & talks to me as if he doesn't want to speak I get so scared & wonder if I did anything wrong, when basically I know fully well tht it has nothing to do with me. I don't ever want to lose him, yet I have to accept the fact tht nothing good lasts forever. I don't ever want him to leave me, yet I know there are so many girls out there tht are so much better than me. Though he'll always remind me tht I'm perfect just the way I am to him, I can't help but feel worried every second of the day. I hate myself so much right now fer feeling so insecure & sensitive. I hate myself fer not trusting him completely, yet I feel if I trust him too much I'll end up hurting myself more than ever in future. Gah why the hell am I cursed to be such a sensitive & insecure bitch?

I'm seriously feeling sick now.
Sore eyes & lips are definitely not the way to go.
Especially not with this soreness forming in my throat. Pfft.

. @ 1:18 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Britney Spears - Mannequin

Thursday the 5th

Had a darn long day really. Woke up at 6-ish after having like less than 3hrs of sleep. Went to Nad's hse at around 7. Hung out at her hse, eventually falling asleep while waiting fer her mum to come home with Nad's shampoo. Pfft. Left the hse to wait fer a bus at 11-ish. Started raining heavily. Arrived & got stuck on the jejantas due to rain. & despite it being made out of metal it started somehow shaking, testing my limits of being afraid of heights. Lol.

Got to Sunway & headed to an ATM machine; Nad wanted to withdraw money. Called syg & told him we arrived. He started asking questions tht were very irrelevant to where he was, supposingly in Bangsar. Haha. Started asking stuff like how many wings Sunway had & where exactly were we going. Had a feeling he was somehow in Sunway but on 2nd thought, it couldn't be possible. Lmao. N'way, after withdrawing money we stopped by Zing's to buy earrings. You couldn't have imagined the terror I had when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind. What do you know, it was Mr. boyf. Haha. Went to Mcd to eat, then I stopped by Cali Fitness to have a quick shower. After tht did a little shopping (well, basically only Nad bought stuff).

Left at 3-ish to attend syg's softball training in Melawati. Stopped by Keramat to pick up his childhood friend, Ain. Very pleasant gal, which Nad & I clicked with within moments. It was fun really, the whole training thing, though basically we did nothing. Haha. Seeing syg play, it was amazing. & mind you, it's not just b'cuz he's my boyf, but it was the way he played. It was totally flawless. Amazing really, cuz you would nvr believe he's actually the sporty sort of person unless you see him in action. Haha.

Had a little chat with Ain, bout how she became friends with syg & stuff. Nothing I had in mind really, just a normal chat. Eventually came to the point of how long I had been with him & things like tht. Well, since she was sorta like syg's close friend, there wasn't much she didn't know really. Course, despite being our 1st time meeting, she knew me almost inside out, though the boyf of course. She knew facts about my background, she knew how syg & I met & went through, basically almost everything. Started discussing about the way he treated girls, after I told Ain about how I started admiring him in the 1st place; through those conversations we had about his ex-gf before we became an item. It was nice hearing the same things I felt coming from another person; it made me feel even more assured tht I wasn't just blindly in love fer nothing. But, well, I couldn't help but also think about other certain possibilities, tht I didn't like at all.

N'way, after tht training session, sent Ain home, & went back to syg's hse. Met his mum again, & this time started calling her 'Umi'. Haha. Idk what had gotten into me really, it just wasn't, uh, me. Wtf. But n'ways. She treated me as her own daughter, making me feel even more at home, despite it being my 2nd time there. She got to know Nad, & asked her the same things she asked when I 1st met her, like family background & stuff. After tht both of us helped her prepare dinner. Later we just hung out, Nad in front resting, while I was watching tv & chatting with dear mum at the back. Lol. Syg of course, unsurprisingly, was already fast asleep on the couch. Haha. Eventually she got slightly tired, & went to rest in her room, basically leaving me alone, while the bestie & boyf slept soundly on the couches around. Pfft. N'way, took a quick shower at kak Intan's room & then forced syg to wake up & teman me. Lmao.

Oh, met syg's future sis in law. Pleasant really, just like the rest of the family. Which, speaking of family. Tht day I felt even more at home, for the fact tht I was closer to his mum than my 1st meeting with her, & tht his brothers actually talked to me, unlike our 1st meeting where I was basically part of the wall. Pfft. Ok, so it was just random questions, like how I was going home or where was everyone or sumthing wtf, but it's still talking wey! Roflmao. His eldest bro was actually quite friendly, since he didn't really seem the type before tht. Everything's abit stupid really, I sound like I'm about to get married with syg soon. Wtfffff. T_T

Due to slight transport probs, left syg's hse at almost 11.30pm. He drove so fast Nad started screaming, & fer the 1st time ever I was actually shouting at him to go slow. Pfft. Started screaming things like 'I didn't want us to die, I wanted to get married & have kids with him, " & stuff like tht. Lmfao.

Friday the 6th

Original plan fer today was to go to Pd with syg & Ain, but a few plans popped out & the best thing was to cancel it. N'way, syg said he drop by & lpak at my hse, so got myself ready. As I came downstairs my neighbour was around, with the 4-month old bby she babysat. The bby was so cute I couldn't help but hold her, but just as I held her she gave signs of wanting to cry. Eventually after a little cradling & patting she eventually became quiet, & fell asleep in my lap. Even my neighbour was surprised, she usually cried non-stop when strangers held her. Oh well, what can I say, you're looking at a good future mummy here. Muahahaha. N'way, syg arrived with Ain, & they had a little chat with the neighbour. Mummy of course, I forgot to mention, was knocked out of tiredom upstairs. Haha.

N'way, ate toast, drank syrup & watched tv fer a while, together with my brother. After tht went back to syg's hse, again. Hung out fer a while, then headed home. Dropped by Summit to have dinner & wait fer Nad to finish work. Otw there had a random discussion about going clubbing. Syg had banned me from going clubbing ever. Not tht I cared really, it's not like I even had the chance to go n'way, so yea. Nevertheless, despite all tht, I myself put a ban on him going clubbing again. Basically to me, it was fair. So wht if you're a guy or gal, its all the same really. N'way, posting my views here would take forever, & even if I do ban him, it's not like I even know if he goes, so I'll let it pass on.

After sending Nad home went back to my place & hung out with mummy. Later on just hung out with him in his car, until he went to fetch his dad after tht.

Saturday the 7th

Had to go to Sri Gombak today, to practice driving fer my test nx week. Or so I think. Not quite ready actually. But n'ways. Went there with another driving instructor, & another 2 students, 26 yr old Fadhil & 17 yr old Victor. N'way, practiced everything, including the test route. Fortunately there was only one, so less probs there. Fer the first round however, I did terribly in the parking & stuff, since it was another instructor & his way of teaching was so unfamiliar. Apart frm tht, his Kancil was the old version, slightly diff. Nevertheless, I pulled through, & managed to do fine. Still not ready though, as I said.

Finished the whole thing at 7-ish. Otw the way home asked the instructor if he could simply drop me home straightaway. Before he could even answer Fadhil said sure, since he was driving the car n'way. & added tht even if the instructor wouldn't send me home he'll send me home, with his bike. Wtf. The stupid dumbass had tried hitting on me throughout the whole day. Haha lameeee. He eventually took my number from some form of mine, & asked me out. Sheesh.

Sunday the 8th

Happy b'day Nad!

.Thursday, March 05, 2009 @ 12:06 AM Y

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L terbalik.




I'm bored. & I can't wait fer tmrw. Shopping with Rm100. Awesome. Pfft.
Oh, yours truly slimmer. Well, tht's what many ppl's saying n'way wtf. I'm glad tht there's actually results fer my first time in dieting seriously.

Lovey dovey kissy kiss.

.Tuesday, March 03, 2009 @ 10:07 PM Y

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Rm794.16. Fucking rm 794.16. only wey. Fucker nye company, wat aku keje cam sial tp gaji xckup pun nak cover standard basic. I mean, seriously, what's with the 16 cents wey?! Sheesh. Br beria-ria aku nak shopping Khamis nih. Pfft.

Oh, finally called the 'mother-in-law' Umi just now. Well, actually it sorta slipped out, but she was cool about it. Haha.

I'm still hoping Nad won't disappoint me by refusing to go KL with me on Thursday.

.Monday, March 02, 2009 @ 5:34 PM Y

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Was just reading my English essay draft fer Spm last yr. My perfect future husband. Gosh I was laughing so hard it was stupid. I realised tht reading it after a few times I sounded like some single mother with kids wtf. Ahaha. For the fact tht I was talking about kids alot. Miahahaha. N'way, my essay was terrible; I could have done so much better. Very wrong to realise at this point, when results are already coming out nx week. & wanna now what the last sentence was? "& as I end this, I'm glad to say tht I have already found my perfect future husband," WTF wey! I acted worse than a lovesick puppy. Dak kecik pun xkan tulis camtu kot wey! Sheesh.

Oh, another thing bout tht day at Giant tht I forgot to post about. I was walking into Giant when I almost bumped into this lady. As I looked at her face & apologized, I almost got struck by a heart attack after seeing how much she looked like Amin's mother. For the fact tht I was wearing a low-cut singlet & mini skirt, well, yea, I felt ten times worse thank you very much. Told my mum & she looked over & agreed. Imagine tht, even my mum, who only saw a pic of Amin's mum could say tht, imagine me wey! Swt. The funniest thing was tht lady caught us staring at her & looked back at us while we were gawking at her, causing mummy & I to smile shyly & cheekily back at her. Rofl.

Currently out of topics to post here really, so laters.

p.s. Lgu 'Wtvr You Like' tu menyanggapkan dowh. Agk besh kot. Ahahahaha.

.Sunday, March 01, 2009 @ 3:52 AM Y

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Now, here's a random post.

So, in Frh's Supre bag here(bought in Australia, thx to aunt),

you'll find..

2 packets of Extra(two flavors), which I got at Jusco fer only rm1 each,

tissues, manufactured by Scott & sold by Giant Putra Heights wtf,

shades with two different colours, one black & one semi-black, bought at Hinode Shop fer only rm5 each,

handphone pouch, with my hp of course, which I was using to camwhore,

cosmetics, very essential fer every girl wtf,

hairbands bought from a pasar mlm ages ago,

& finally, the most important essentials, my earphones, hse keys & an almost empty wallet wtf.

brought to you by,

frh alia, owner of truelovelies. (:

Now, tht's random yaww.
It's 4.04 am.
Nite loves.


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