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.Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 9:20 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Paramore - Decode

How can I decide what's right?
When you're clouding up my mind,
I can't win your losing fight,
All the time.

How did we get here,
When I used to know you so well?
How did we get here?
Well, I think I know.

Jealous because I love you, angry because I care about you, dreaming because I'm missing you, sad because I don't ever want to lose you..

Had a sleepover at Wan Ying's house yesterday; was her 18th b'day. Sophia, Prudence, Mei Xin, Jessica, & Kirsten were there too. Papa fetched me to her house in Ara Damansara. When I arrived I was greeted by Mei & Wan Ying, then I went upstairs to see the rest doing the Cha Cha dance. Haha wtf.

& that's only the beginning. Haha. ;P

So, her house was fabulous. Every single corner was lovely, the way it was built, the colour of the walls, the furniture. Then as usual, you know what happens when u add Farah with mirrors, & besties:

Haha. Started camwhoring, & as usual Mei & Wan Ying joined in.

After a failed attempt to join in Sophia & Jess in doing the Cha Cha (haha wtf weh) we all took pics with Mei's laptop & chatted with Chris via webcam & mic in MSN, while doing very the lame things like editing our faces. Lol.

& Chris said: Like that also wanna take pic ar? *laughs*

& the insane-ness of seven girls begins. Hahah.

Ordered pizza fer dinner. Your typical bachelor night? I suppose so.

Sophia! We share the same birthday. (:

While waiting fer the pizza boy. >.<

More camwhoring with Mei. Haha.

This is what happens when model wannabes get together. HAHA.
Kirsten & Jess.

Before our pizza arrived, all of us had a sip of Black Label+Coke to celebrate Wan Ying's b'day. Yes, I drank, & fyi you ppl are in no fucking order to judge me. Oh, haven't drank in a longggg time. The last time was what, Form 4? I think.

Before drink already somehow drunk. Haha wtf. Especially Jess & I. The last part damn obscene lor, fer the fact that Jess was pointing at my cleavage. Rawrrr. Me pretending to be a Chinese? Nothing offensive. Not saying I'm not proud to be Malay; its the fact that it's already become an inside joke tht everyone takes me as a Chinese, Malay name or not.

Mei's best friend wtf.

Watching Mei the pro prepare drinks. HOHO.
& then...yum seng! ;D

Pizza moments. Lol.
Jess actually dipped her breadstick into Black Label. Ewww. Haha.

So, fer some reason the alcohol had more effect on Jess & I, compared to the rest. Mei, happened to be the silent drunk, who sat there silently with a tomato-coloured face HAHA. Jess & I were so drunk she started going insane while I was laughing like mad. Hahaha. Started our own clubbing session, by watching music videos. Meanwhile, I kept on sending texts to the wrong ppl. We all had fun laughing, including me, giggling non-stop. Sheesh. & I actually came to this point where I started dancing like mad on the stairs. & the worst of everything, the house had CCTV. T___T"

That was only part of the drunken moments. Heh.

I somehow recorded this. Heh. The one talking crap? Jess HAHA. The one giggling non-stop? Me of course. With Wan Ying at the background. Lmao. Oh, & I wanted to say tht Jess was drunk, but I ended saying gay. LOL. So, there you have it, Farah drunk. =.=

After that was WY's parents came home. Cover gle2 kot, they weren't supposed to know we drank. HOHO. Oh, & the cake? Oreo cheesecake from Secret Recipe! Yummm.

There was this cute guy on tv & Mei & I attempted to take pic with him. >.<

Kirst taught me how to play the guitar. Weee.

Sjuk la. I was wearing what, shorts & a singlet? Lol. N'way, spin the bottle. (:

& tht's all of us.

Everyone went to sleep around four sumthing watching Bride Wars, while I was on the phone with Hafiz & eventually dozed off. Hoho. Didn't sleep well though, teddy bear aku xde! Waaaaa. Next day got ready to go to Sunway. Had to drop by my hse first though, to get my car. The car was fullllll, 7 org lak wey!

After bathing I did my makeup, & suddenly the others wanted to put on makeup too. Lolololol.

Sunway was damn packed! Merdeka I supposed. Went to Diva, some shop tht Mei worked at, then went 'shopping', where we bought nothing. Haha wtf. Actually, Soph, Pru, Jess, Kirst & I went to random stores, took wtvr we liked off the racks, went to the fitting rooms, & tried them on. Not with the intention to buy of course, but with the intention to camwhore. HAHA.

Wan Ying, Frh, Jess, Prudence, Kirst.


Ehh. Topshop I think.

Forever 21. Seriously, loved the duo coloured dress, but fucking RM100++. Rawrr.

Mim! Haha. Syamim dropped by during her break; she currently works at a boutique in Sunway & is gonna continue her studies in Shah Putra Ktn this December.

Ohhhh Jess HAHAHA.

Going back. ):

Tht's all folks. Oh, & Wy, thanks fer yr awesome b'day sleepover bitch.


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