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.Wednesday, October 29, 2008 @ 9:07 PM Y

It's been 9 days since I've been with Casper & mind you, life's never felt this awesome fer me, never. It's surprising how something so random can make you feel so good, so perfect, so complete. Being with so many others before this, I dare to swear that I've never felt so happy in my life, with no doubts at all. The definition of the word 'happy' took a whole new turn in its meaning in my dictionary, that well, basically, even I don't know how to describe it. Haha.

&, to make things better fer me, Mum seems to finally accept the fact that I have a boyf. Ok, so I didn't say it directly to her, but well, she's got the hint I guess. I mean, I'm already 17 wey, I need to go through all this eventually, & she can't avoid tht. Besides, why would I want to introduce her to some random guyfriend if I didn't have anything with him? Durr, obviously. Wtf.

Less than 2weeks till Spm wey! Early good luck to my fellow Form 5 mates, since I won't be online fer a while. Com crashed, getting a laptop soon.

I love you so goddamn much Abdul Muhaimin Osman aka Amin aka Casper. Haha. From the bottom of my heart.

.Wednesday, October 22, 2008 @ 5:47 PM Y

My name's Farah Alia.
& I currently love that boy who recently turned my life around.
The boy I call my boyf.

201008, a day I swear I'll never forget.

.Wednesday, October 15, 2008 @ 3:23 PM Y

Today, I actually managed to answer History Paper 2 wey! All thanks to casper's blessings. Haha wtf.

Note to Casper: Mulai ari ni, u kene wish I gud luck tiap2 hari, confirm semue paper I dpt jwb nnt. Ahaha.

N'way, another 28 more days till Spm! Gah. Bite me. I still can't decide on whether I want Spm to end fast or for me to have more time to study. Sheesh. But n'way, it'll have to pass soon, so no diff.

I'll be terribly bz after Spm, come to think of it. Blk kg, getting my driver's licence, not to forget going fer PLKN, though I'm still not sure when. So to those that I promised to meet/date/lepak or wtvr, it'll have to wait I'm afraid. But don't worry, I'll catch up with you guys soon enough.


.Wednesday, October 08, 2008 @ 4:57 PM Y

Now, I finally know why I've been single fer so long. Ok, so 5 months isn't really long but n'way. Truth is, I'm currently afraid to fall in love. I've truly, deeply, loved three boys throughout my life & well, one disappeared without a trace, one had another girl & one seemed to be so perfect, only to be really full of lies in the end. Can't blame me could ya?

To those who kept on asking me this question; "Nape you xde bf eh?"
Well, hope this answers your question.

Oh, here's some pics from Raya hols.

First Raya.
Wasn't quite ready in the first pic wtf.

Only part of papa's family.
All my cousins, younger brother(one in white), & auntie lili(in orange).
Aah. My cousins, the people I grew up with.
I love them all, ever so dearly.

Random camwhoring.

.Monday, October 06, 2008 @ 6:04 PM Y

So, today was first day of school, after a week of holidays.
Here's a flashback:

Had to rush back to Kota Bahru, apparently atuk's condition was getting worse than it already was. Arriving at his hse & seeing him made my heart ache, I wonder how God could even let him suffer that way.

First Raya:
Went for prayers in the morning, with nenek & my cousin Iman. Then came back, ate nenek's famous nasi dagang, then started camwhoring with my cousins, with my aunt as the photographer. It was quite boring today, with not much to do. As it was time for Asar prayers my dad called & said that atuk passed away. We all rushed to his hse.

After arriving we all went into Atuk's room to see him. His body was covered with a blanket & my uncle was beside him reciting the Quran. I broke down & cried.

It was my first time experiencing a funeral, Islam style. Everything was so much different than the Chinese version. Eventhough I wasn't close to atuk, I remembered the few times I spent with him when I was young, & appreciated those very few moments. N'way, the whole funeral went on until midnight.

Second Raya:
Went to the beach, Pantai Cahaya Bulan. Sat there drinking coconut juice & eating fried seafood. After that we took a walk down the beach, me, cousins, aunties. Standing at the shore with cousins I looked at everyone, & it suddenly struck me again how we all had grown. No longer the small little kids we were, running along the shore splashing sea water at each other a few yrs back, it scared me to think that in only a few years time we'll be married, possibly including me. Imagine that wey! Haha.

Ok, so put it this way. There's so much that happened that it's made me lazy to post everything out here. Haha. So here's that highlights of the week I guess. Oh, & nek has this goose that follows her all around, quaking it's little beak out wtf. & it pecks anyone apart from nek, & I mean ANYONE. But it's damn cute wey! Haha.



.Farah Alia.
Growing up, lost in her ups & downs, desperately trying to find the real meaning of life. With only 18 yrs of experience in life, its a journey. With memories that can nvr be forgotten.


Family. <33
The best family ever. To mummy & papa; Bringing me into this world, raising me up & protecting me, you're the only ones that I know who would never abandon me. You taught me the importance of loving a family, to take care of others, to value life & live as a good person. Even if once I didn't understand why & thought tht you were a nuisance to me, as I grow older I started to know why, & try my best to appreciate it. Of course, growing up, as Mummy puts it, I nvr know how high the sky is or how deep the ground is, in other words, I don't know my limits, but one thing's fer sure, I'll nvr forget how important family really is. Words of wisdom, I live to the fullest each day. I love you all.

Friends. <33
All sorts. Close, best, good, or just friends. All around, to laugh with, to share with, to be together with. Besties like Nad, supportive when they can be, there to cheer you up when you're down, we need people like that in our lives. I'm grateful to have friends like y'all, to share the fun I experience with. To just talk, or chill, or hangout. A part of your life that is always a must fer everyone. I love y'all. (:


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