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.Sunday, September 06, 2009 @ 11:42 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Boys Like Girls - Thunder

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer,
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said,
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors,
I dont wanna ever love another,
You'll always be my thunder,
So bring on the rain,
And bring on the thunder.

So. Today I'm officially 2 months single. Well, in a way. Proud? Hah, you think? It's nothing but a status, & there's not much difference that I can feel really. So within the past 2 months I've done quite a lot really, leading myself back into the single world, where it is kinda scary I'd have to admit.

You meet all sorts of guys nowadays, it's kinda scary. From nice guys who just wanna chat to guys who just want sex. From guys who know how to look after their girlfs to guys who treat their girlfs like standbys.

But despite all that, I'm happy. I'm learning how to grow up. Each day, I go through with my own strength that I can muster. I grow stronger each day, facing each moment just like it was any other. I'm trying to step out of that helpless, immature girl you once knew, trying to be more positive, to make lemonade out of lemons. Life has its many surprises, so I'll just wait fer the next one to come.

It's hard, but I'm doing so much fine now. Having you, was the best thing that ever happened to me, really. No one understands, why I spend each waking moment talking about you, knowing that you're no longer around. Why I still wait around, when honestly speaking, there are so many others out there that are better than you. But only I know, b'cuz my heart, lost as it is, it's still with you. & I don't want it back. Rawrrrr. Idk what the hell I'm crapping about, but n'ways.

Heyyy, I miss youuuuu. & p/s,

I still love you Casper my bongok. Hoho.

& I don't care at all what everyone else wants to say, b'cuz they don't know how much I love you, & how long I'd dare to wait, be it months or even years. They may see Farah Alia as someone who's currently incredibly love drunk, but I know better. I'm not wasting my time, I know that fer sure. There must be a reason why I always end up back to you.

As quoted from Paris Hilton in the movie Hottie & The Nottie;

You'll never see the bad sides in the person you truly love the most.


Oh. Happy b'day in advance to Faliq, Amin, & Bhairavi! Amin's b'day's on the 8th, & the other 2 on the 9th. 090909, dam nice weh! Haha.

Bhai, no celebrations? Come back to Subang will ya, miss ya loads!

Amin & Faliq, rindu kat korg ouh. Frh xblik KB raye ni. ):
Xpe2, jumpe mase Raye Haji abg2 t'syg kuh! Haha. <33


.Farah Alia.
Growing up, lost in her ups & downs, desperately trying to find the real meaning of life. With only 18 yrs of experience in life, its a journey. With memories that can nvr be forgotten.


Family. <33
The best family ever. To mummy & papa; Bringing me into this world, raising me up & protecting me, you're the only ones that I know who would never abandon me. You taught me the importance of loving a family, to take care of others, to value life & live as a good person. Even if once I didn't understand why & thought tht you were a nuisance to me, as I grow older I started to know why, & try my best to appreciate it. Of course, growing up, as Mummy puts it, I nvr know how high the sky is or how deep the ground is, in other words, I don't know my limits, but one thing's fer sure, I'll nvr forget how important family really is. Words of wisdom, I live to the fullest each day. I love you all.

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All sorts. Close, best, good, or just friends. All around, to laugh with, to share with, to be together with. Besties like Nad, supportive when they can be, there to cheer you up when you're down, we need people like that in our lives. I'm grateful to have friends like y'all, to share the fun I experience with. To just talk, or chill, or hangout. A part of your life that is always a must fer everyone. I love y'all. (:


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