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.Wednesday, August 05, 2009 @ 9:21 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Yuna - I'm Not Like You

I gave you my all back then,
Whenever you needed me,
Your lies they cut through my skin,
Whenever I reach for you.

Today, of all days, when I needed my car the most I ended up not having it. Pfft. Was supposed to drive to uni today, cuz had exam at 4.30-5.30pm. Skali when I started my car in the morning the stupid car did the best action it could supposingly do; refuse to start. Xsakit ati lak aku. So n'way, Papa had to fetch me. Had Econs lecture at 8, & by the end of the class some lecturer told Jo-lyn, who's my class rep, tht our Business Maths lecturer was on MC, & tht our Business Maths classes were cancelled. So, in other words, I only had class until 10, then I was basically free until my exam, which was starting at half past four. Xbazir lak mase aku.

Of all days wey! If I had my car I could have easily gone to Keramat to see syg or go lpak2 at Mid Valley or even go to the friggin gym! Sheesh. So n'way, with 6 hours to kill, weirdly, did quite a number of stuff. Miss Phaveena invited me to hang out with her in her class, to watch some other class doing their Public Speaking assignment. Hoho. Asked me why I didn't go lpak at Mid or sumthing & I told her that I was currently transport-less. Wtf.

After that went to tman Prajiv eat at SP Corner, while I wasted my time by having a drink & smoking. I refused to eat there, the food was quite expensive. Waited fer Jian there too, since I promised him that I'll study with him fer Business Maths. After Prajiv finished eating went to PD block to have lunch with Jian, since the food was obviously cheaper there. Started raining, so we all lpaked at the cafeteria until it wasn't so bad. After that went to the computer lab to tman Jian finish up his slideshow fer his Moral presentation, which was shortly after that. I, however, went Myspacing next to him, ouit of boredom, while Prajiv looked. Hoho.

After Jian left fer his presentation, told Prajiv tht perhaps it was time we started studying. So moved to the study room where fer once, I actually studied Maths like hell, while he sat there staring into space wtf. Integration & Statistics. Pfft. Benci gle2 kot bab Intergration.

Nick's calculator. Lent it to me since mine went missing at syg's hse. Pfft.

Semangat wat soalan. Oh, & Tiger biscuits fer more semangat HOHO.

After that when to lepak at SP Corner once again with Prajiv, Jian, & Jo-lyn.

Exams? Sucky. I remembered the formulas all right, but I didn't know how to apply them. WTF weh. Xcam sial. Pfft.

Ble masing2 dah pnat nak mampos.

Currently busy with Econs assignment. Did one whole essay fer my assignment, & gave it to mummy to check. There was this part that mummy said didn't make sense, & before I knew it I was teaching mummy about demand & supply. Haha wtf. Bangge seh. LOL.

Oh. Prajiv said that he was impressed by the way I was always happy go lucky at uni. Happy go lucky la sgt. If I was happy go lucky I wouldn't be your typical girl who smokes & feels fucked up every other day, as what I told him. I'm good at pretending, who would have known what goes on in this bitch's head every single fucking minute of the day. Anas, Ramanan, & Jian sure did get one thing right about me; I am currently very tensed up, frustrated, & down.

At times, I wonder if I really, really lucky, or really, really unlucky.


.Farah Alia.
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