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.Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 11:34 PM Y

Currently tuning into: The Veronicas - Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

I'm so mad at you right now,
I can't even find the words,
And you're on the way down,
I can't wait to see you burn,
You try to make me hate that girl,
When I should be hating you,
What the hell's wrong with you?

Are you even listening when I talk to you?
Do you even care what I'm going through?
Your eyes stare and they're staring right through me,
You're right there but it's like you never knew me,
Do you even know how much it hurts,
That you gave up on me to be with her?
Revenge is sweeter than you ever were.

38/80 fer Comp Studies.
Ahaha. Bangge gle doh. Xcam sial. But, surprisingly I scored better than a number of people in my class. & I didn't even study weh, unless you consider me flipping through my notes in the car otw from Bangi, before my test. & that shouldn't be counted, fer the fact that I went into a fit after 5 minutes & started throwing my notes, causing me to kene mara by Amin. Wtf. Oh, & Jo-lyn got 40, & John got 36. Nmpk sgt masing2 meniru doh HAHA. Sheesh.

Oh, adik's b'day yesterday. Mummy made long-life noodles(mien sien? wtf), while papa bought KFC. Then my aunties bought a choc banana cake from Berry's, just like the one I brought during my 17th b'day, where no one ate it.

Mke papa br bgun haha. Dahlah almost t'jatuh. >.<

Anak mummy. T_T"

Anak papa.

Dak sengal. hoho.

Farah yg bongok & Adrees yg sengal. HOHOH.

Didn't sleep last night. Was chatting with Casper & Phat until around 2, then some dude called me & started chatting till 4, until at 6, Phat called to wake me up. Pfft, xlene tido. Wtf.

Found it amusing really, the both of them. Haha. I changed my status in myspace to 'hope u know it ain't easy fer me', which were basically lyrics from the song Breathe by Taylor Swift, but obviously there was a reason why I placed it there.

Phat cmnted, saying it's okay or sumthing, obviously thinking that my status was meant fer him. I was like wtf, but n'way, didn't give much cmnt, & kept quiet, to the fact that only two people would have known who that status was really meant for. Skali Amin cmnted my status too & said that he still loved me. The funniest part was that Phat read Amin's cmnt before I did, & got jealous.

Started saying stuff like he shouldn't disturb me, cuz we both still loved each other & stuff like that. Didn't say much, cuz everything he said was true, but told him that basically we were over, so what difference did it even make.

Meanwhile, Phat's going around claiming me to be his. Danger much? If that particular person still loves me, he better watch out, cuz he's got himself some competition. & I'm not talking about only one person.

Boys? No longer important to me. Y'all can love me all you want, but I'm not gonna fucking trust guys anymore. I can fucking live without you, b'cuz, I live for the fucking day, not fer anyone else.


.Farah Alia.
Growing up, lost in her ups & downs, desperately trying to find the real meaning of life. With only 18 yrs of experience in life, its a journey. With memories that can nvr be forgotten.


Family. <33
The best family ever. To mummy & papa; Bringing me into this world, raising me up & protecting me, you're the only ones that I know who would never abandon me. You taught me the importance of loving a family, to take care of others, to value life & live as a good person. Even if once I didn't understand why & thought tht you were a nuisance to me, as I grow older I started to know why, & try my best to appreciate it. Of course, growing up, as Mummy puts it, I nvr know how high the sky is or how deep the ground is, in other words, I don't know my limits, but one thing's fer sure, I'll nvr forget how important family really is. Words of wisdom, I live to the fullest each day. I love you all.

Friends. <33
All sorts. Close, best, good, or just friends. All around, to laugh with, to share with, to be together with. Besties like Nad, supportive when they can be, there to cheer you up when you're down, we need people like that in our lives. I'm grateful to have friends like y'all, to share the fun I experience with. To just talk, or chill, or hangout. A part of your life that is always a must fer everyone. I love y'all. (:


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