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.Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 11:37 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Natasha Beddingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine

I got a pocket,
Got a pocket full of sunshine,
I got a love an' I know that it's all mine,
Oh, oh whoa oh.
Do what you want,
But you're never gonna break me,
Sticks an' stones are never gonna shake me,
No, oh whoa, oh.

I'm starting to wonder, who's making a bigger mistake atm, me or Phat. He thinks this all will go somewhere, however, in my opinion, this won't be going anywhere at all. It's only a short matter of time before I start being my playgirl self again, seeing the situation as it is now. & once that happens, lets just say hell breaks loose. Yea it's that bad okay. Don't know what I'm crapping about? Nvm, y'all don't need to know. ;)

Oh ohhh. Blan puasa hopes/resolutions:

1. Stop smoking. (Only fer the month though. Lps tu sambung blik. HOHO.)

2. Solat terawih, full. (Of course, excluding period week)

3. Take the opportunity to lose as much weight as possible. (Compulsory kot HAHA)

4. Make a cake for Umi(Amin's mum) before Raye, that has less sugar, since she doesn't really eat sweet anyway. Just a sign of gratitude fer the past 9 months or so, since their family became like mine too. (Oh, that is, klu dpt beli gula la kan. Bodo nye shortage. Pfft.)

5. Talking about terawih, I wanna start praying. You know, the daily 5 times one? Yeaa. Should get started, yet again. (Btol la kan, solat wajib pun xcomplete, dan2 je nak wat solat sunat. Thun lps pun, tunggu blan puase br b'taubat kjp HAHA. T_T)

6. Eat as less dinner as possible, despite fasting fer the whole day. (Less carbs!!!)

7. Workout like crazy before bukak puasa. (That includes skipping, lifting weights, running up & down the stairs, & wtvr crap I can do to sweat it all out.)

8. New boyf? I think not. New boyfS is the right word. (Well, since one doesn't seem to be enough to many other ppl kan, I might as well try it out too. Ngeh3.)

9. Keep on praying that miracles will happen in my
life. (Don't we all know by now what I'm talking about.Yeaaa, changes. I'm still hoping. Stupidly. Idk why I even bother wasting my time any longer.)

10. Last one? Study hard of course. Finals wey! I'm aiming to get at least 3.0-3.5, full stop. I want to achieve more than average fer this foundation year, so that I can somehow get a scholarship fer my degree in International Business. (yeap, it's finalised! I'm gonna do International Business!;D)

Oh. another one. Lupe lak. To get to that Malay dude in uni by the time this sem ends. I'm dead sure he's somehow Malay. This just isn't right wey! Two months of smiling at each other & I still don't know who the heck he is. Pfft. No no no must knllllll!!!!!! HAHAHAHA Farah's gone boy crazy. Wtffff. >.<
But seriously wey, I had this hugeeee crush on him ever since I first saw him in uni. 0.0

N'way, random pics. Captured yesterday.

Ini namenye giler.

I have a valid reason fer not smiling much okeh. All b'cuz I look even awful.

Pet bro. <3

Awesome lighting? Night mode has awesome effects. (:

This morning, Happiness woke me up & said, "Get up will ya, b'cuz today, is a new day, & I will make sure that there will be a smile on your face, "


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