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.Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @ 9:58 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Cascada - What Hurts The Most

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go,
But I'm doin' it,
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone,
Still harder, getting up, getting dressed, living with this regret,
But I know if I could do it over,
I would trade, give away all the words that I saved in my heart,
That I left unspoken.

Finally! Economics exams are done. Woot! Haha. Wasn't tht bad actually, but got lost in the graph questions. Pfft.

Before going to uni. I gained weight, I'm aware of tht, so stfu.

Teck Wang, Nick & Ting Sam, my uni lovers HAHA.

Jo-lyn, my uni bestie!

Spent the whole afternoon with my classmates in the reading room, since our exams were at 5, & classes ended at 1. Didn't study much really, all busy laughing, & I was too absorbed in my own thoughts to study. At least I studied fer 3 hrs the previous night, ckup kot. HOHO.

Farah, studying. It's a wonder really, I concentrate during lectures. Well, mainly my fave subs like Public Speaking & English la haha wtf. But I do try to concentrate on the others too, except for Accs. I've totally given up on tht sub, I know nuts about bookkeeping & crap.

I'm getting darn bored nowadays. My phone's a bit the silent. I want a phone that rings all the time wey! WTFFF. Yea, kpd sesape yg rase die ley bazirkan credit die msg I sile la mintak no yerk, main2 msg ngan I hohoho. Tp klu stkat nak menggatal baik xyah. I only want friends, no relationships, no scandals.

Scandal. I've never actually gotten involved in one, unless you count that case with Yon last yr, which I shall repeat myself, I had no idea he still had a girlf then. Pfft. Since some people find it so fun to main scandal2, I might as well get a couple fer myself too, especially now I'm single. Nak tak? Jom jom! HAHA, get lost bastards. I currently fuck men, get it?

What's so nice about having scandals anyway? You have a nice girlf/boyf by your side yet you go fer others. Face it idiots, be fucking GRATEFUL, not GREEDY. Unless your girlf/boyf's a bitch/bastard, I don't seeing why you should go fer the scandaling shit. In the 1st place, if your partner's not tht good, why keep them? Why wanna have more than one girlf/boyf? To show that you're fucking popular, that everyone wants you? Hah, KESAH babi. & even if they're after you, do you really have to lyn them back? Pfft. Idiots with no brains, so many nowadays, it's depressing. It's insulting to your own sex wey! T__T

Meanwhile, planning to go on a rampage this Friday night. Plan on going clubbing or karaoke, together with Nad, & possibly go 'meneroka KL'. Fuck it if I'm a noob driver, you people should see the huge P sticker & get out of my fucking way. HOHO. Mummy won't mind, she knows how fucked up I've been lately, kan mama? (: I need some fun to kill this frustration that's still stuck in my head. Though mind you, I'm feeling very much better nowadays, despite what recently happened to me. ;)

However, Nad just texted & said that the ex-boyf won't let me go clubbing, no matter what, & xkan couple balik with me if I ever step into a club. Kesah, as if you'll even 'couple balik' if I didn't go.
But, considering the fact that I do still love you dearly & I've always been like a fool obeying your every word even if you didn't ask me to, while you spent every second doing every single fucking thing behind my back, regardless of whether you should or shouldn't, I'll just give you some face & not go clubbing. Happy?

Oh. Just realized that b'cuz I've been posting quite frequently nowadays, some of my July posts are not shown when you visit my blog.
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