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.Wednesday, July 08, 2009 @ 6:30 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Secondhand Serenade - Like A Knife

Cause today, you walked out of my life
Cause today, your words felt like a knife
I'm not living this life.

So. After yesterday's most unexpected event, fer me n'way, a lot has been running through my mind. Yesterday's break-up blew me in the head, though basically, I would admit somehow I came up with it, though. I had expected it to be as always, where it never does happen. Who would have known though. No wait, it was already bound to happen really.

Didn't realize that what I told him was actually true. Yesterday, I told him that these past few weeks we didn't even seem like a couple anymore. That I felt like my boyf was non-existent. Going through today, I realized just how true my words were. Today, the first day after breaking up, was just the same as how the past weeks had been. A few texts in the morning, & tht's it. Well, last time there would be calls & a few more msgs at night, but not anymore now.

Breaking up sucks. Thinking back, I've never actually had a proper break up. Basically I've always been doing the breaking up part previously, but I had no feelings for most of them, so I didn't really feel much. Couldn't stop crying yesterday. Got back from uni & tried to stay cool, but didn't stop me from going through an hour of non-stop tears. Cooled down slightly again after that, well, that is, until my aunt called mum & asked her if I had really broken up. Just based on my FB status that wrote "it's over". Pfft. It's amazing how she could have figured it out; 'it's over' could basically mean anything. After that, couldn't help myself.

It sunk in deeper, the fact that it had really happened, causing me to cry all night. Eventually for some reason I browsed our photos that I had in my phone. Under normal circumstances that would be the last thing a person who just broke up would want to do, tp ntah, I just did it. Weirdly, looking at those photos calmed me down a little. In fact, looking at photos of his silly face made me laugh through my tears. & I thought on how he would make me cry & then laugh when I cry, before comforting me. Started laughing again. Pfft. After that settled down a little & fell asleep, holding the teddy bear he gave me.

He said it was just for a while, till we both sorted ourselves out & we're ready to get back again. There isn't much fer me to sort out really, so all I have to do is wait. Wait for what? That I do not know at all.

7th May 2009. Exactly 2 months ago we almost ended up breaking up, but it didn't work out, fortunately. Did a whole lot of mental thinking today, & realised that it's a wonder we actually survived an additional 2 months, after what had happened. At least now we're still talking. If I had broken up that 2 months ago the hurt would have been worse, & that would truly have been the very last time I would actually be in touch with him. Guess it's time up isn't it? After all, all good things do come to an end.

Amazingly, I'm feeling fine. Not saying that I don't care, I'm dead wishing it nvr happened, but I'm better than I thought I would. Guess that there was already a gap between us throughout this past few weeks. Still feel like crying really, it's somehow hard, but thinking of it, he's still around, & I love him, & that's basically all that matters the most.

Despite what others have to say, I'll still wait. Maybe this break from our relationship would do us both some good. I hope it won't last too long though, knowing how impatient I am. Lolololol. I love him, no matter what others have to say about him. He may have certain bad habits & stuff, but he's the only guy that actually knows how to respect me, as a friend, as a girlfriend. Nad's right, I've been through worse with him, what's this really. & if we don't get back together, well, that's just life ain't it.

Unless one day I decide to not love him anymore, there will not be a moment where I would not be thinking of him.


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