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.Tuesday, July 14, 2009 @ 12:34 AM Y

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So sad you had to let me go,
What will I do without you,
Just when your dark side starts to show,
I won't miss you dearly,

Some breaking news!
I'm too good for you!


Please do me a favor, & don't feel sorry for me. Don't tell me I'll find another one better than him, that I shouldn't be sad, that it's his loss fer letting me go, & all that sad crap you all would say to supposingly make me feel better; it makes me feel worse.

Fyi, I know y'all mean well, be seriously, I'm doing fine on my own. I have my own hopes, I'm thinking positive, knowing that one day he'll come back. Only then, by doing so, if it never happens, I wouldn't crash down that hard. Don't tell me I'll find someone better than him, fer now, no one was best at loving me as he did, & fyi, he still does, so yea. Unless I happen to actually meet someone way better than him fer myself right now, you could stop telling me that. Please don't say "I know it must be hard fer right now,", it is hard, I'm struggling to bring myself back up, & I'm sure I'm nearly there, but don't say that to me, you drag me down deeper, making me forget my goal to keep myself up.

I keep myself sane & happy, knowing that I love him, & he loves me, & that one day, even if he really leaves me fer good, I still have the good times we had to rmbr & cherish. So don't tell me he'll never come back, don't tell me I should forget about him & move on; he's the last person I'll ever, ever forget.

No one will understand why this happened, & no one will know what could have happened, & what will happen. & that includes Amin & I. Of course, if I were to really blame someone I would have blamed it all on Sheeya, if it wasn't for her sudden presence & stupidity in believing every word Amin told her we wouldn't have been placed in such a tensed situation in the first place. However, I am aware that everyone is at fault, in certain parts of the event, fer certain reasons. Every single person did wrong, that includes me, that includes Amin; you can't put all the blame on just one person. We're only human, it's fine, as long as we learn from our mistakes & start over, even if it happens twice. So don't tell me that y'all understand how I feel. Let's face it, no matter what you think, or how you feel, you'll never understand how I felt, what I feel, & what I went through. No one will, not any of you, not Amin, no one at all, but me.

Just do me this one favor, & leave me alone, particularly on this issue. I need no one's sympathy, I'm human, this is life, & I have my own way of dealing with things. Don't feed me with sad words & statements to supposingly make me feel better, we all know that looking at a situation's a hundred times different than experiencing one. I'm doing fine right now, really, sumpah aku okay skrg, so just let it be that way, yea. Don't unintentionally make things worse fer me.


.Farah Alia.
Growing up, lost in her ups & downs, desperately trying to find the real meaning of life. With only 18 yrs of experience in life, its a journey. With memories that can nvr be forgotten.


Family. <33
The best family ever. To mummy & papa; Bringing me into this world, raising me up & protecting me, you're the only ones that I know who would never abandon me. You taught me the importance of loving a family, to take care of others, to value life & live as a good person. Even if once I didn't understand why & thought tht you were a nuisance to me, as I grow older I started to know why, & try my best to appreciate it. Of course, growing up, as Mummy puts it, I nvr know how high the sky is or how deep the ground is, in other words, I don't know my limits, but one thing's fer sure, I'll nvr forget how important family really is. Words of wisdom, I live to the fullest each day. I love you all.

Friends. <33
All sorts. Close, best, good, or just friends. All around, to laugh with, to share with, to be together with. Besties like Nad, supportive when they can be, there to cheer you up when you're down, we need people like that in our lives. I'm grateful to have friends like y'all, to share the fun I experience with. To just talk, or chill, or hangout. A part of your life that is always a must fer everyone. I love y'all. (:


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