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.Wednesday, June 03, 2009 @ 12:57 AM Y

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Day two of university. Started with Public Speaking lecture. As Sharon had warned us at our tutorial previously, her lecture did turn out to be slightly boring. Haha. Gosh it's so cool getting to call your lecturer by only her name HAHA pfft. Then had English tutorial with Mr. Yaw, who starting ranting & complaining about the goverment & their confusing roads & stuff. Haha. Lolx. After that had an half an hr break, so went with a few of my classmates to eat.

After tht had Computer studies, which mind you, was a total bore. Mayb it was b'cuz I was too sleepy, Idk, but basically within 10 minutes I was asleep. Lmao. Didn't hear much, basically it was about assignments & stuff, but I jotted notes down. Only God knows how since I was basically half asleep already. Haha. Oh, lecturer very stingy. Apparently if you misspell her name in your assignments she'll minus 2marks. Wtf wey! Sheesh. & I don't even rmbr her name, it was Ashvini or sumthing like tht HAHA. Oh, & I'm definitely gonna hate this Sub, perhaps even more than Public Speaking. Codes wey! Not just any code, but those involving base 2, base 8, & all those base crap. Fuckkk. I don't need a double dose of xtra hard add maths wey. T_T

Last class was Economics tutorial. Tutor's Ms.Ida, my very first Malay tutor. Thank God I'm not the only one there wtf. N'way, she's a master graduate in Financing from UIA. Oh, & I swore I saw several lovebites on her neck. Xkan lebam kan, kat leher. Ahahah. Dahsyat bnar. Roflmao. N'way, she denda me to answer all the tutorial questions next week, just b'cuz I couldn't rmbr my classmate's names. Or more like I volunteered to do tht. Lol. Can't blame me wey! I always have trouble memorizing Chinese names. Pfft. Meanwhile, everyone rmbr's me, unexpectingly making me the most known one there. Haha wtf.

Oh, forgot to post about this random conversation with my mum a few days back. See, during tht shopping spree of mine I accidently bought two of the same tops, one just nice & another too big fer me. Lol. Soooo:

Frh : Mummy, see this shirt I'm wearing? I accidently bought 2. Xperasan also, when I check back just now got 2. Pfft. & the other's too big fer me. How?
Mummy : *Tgh masak* Huh? Hmm. Dunno. Give Amin la. Tell him to wear it la, you both couple, cute what wear same baju. *laughs*
Frh : Uh, mummy, girl's top, durr. He'll look gay wey HAHAHA wtf! He won't wear it laa.
Mummy : Tell him, that if he loves you wear it, & even if he looks gay you'll still love him.
Frh : *laugh laugh laugh laugh* Others will laugh at him laa mummy! *laughs yet again*
Mummy : Why care about the others? You love him what, tht's all that matters isn't it? So why care about other people?
Frh : Hmm. Guess so. *continues laughing madly again HAHA*

Aww. Mummy's so sweet haha. Ever since tht day when she heard me crying on the phone while arguing with syg only did she realise that I was actually serious about all this. Which explains the efforts in making syg feel like family & her giving advise once in a while on how to change Amin. Haha lol.

& the beat goes on.


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