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.Monday, June 08, 2009 @ 7:14 PM Y

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So, after a few days of endless busy-ness here I am, living my life as I do everyday. Pfft.

Thursday, 4th June 2009.

Had classes until 4. Brought all the stuff needed fer the nx few days at syg's hse, so basically I looked as if I went shopping before going fer class. Haha. So, due to a misunderstanding plan between me & syg I ended up having to take the LRT to Setiawangsa, which was my own original plan tht syg didn't want me to do. Lucky me, my classmate Nicholas was gonna catch the train too, though he was heading to Masjid Jamek, so he became my temporary boyf fer tht one hr or so HAHA. Spared me one of his bus tickets to ride the UTAR bus to the station, then helped me buy my ticket. After tht got on the crowded train & got to know another one of my classmates, Prajiv, who was heading to Setiawangsa too. So, the boyf didn't have to worry really, I ended up getting a lot of bodyguards haha.

Arrived at the train station at 6-ish. Met Faiz's girlf, Cuk, who was in the car. After tht went to fetch his sis Intan & his brother's girlf Hidayah. Arrived at his hse & boy, I felt like dying. He had aunties & uncles around & the first thing tht came to my mind was "Shit, what the fuck am I doing here," but n'way, acted cool. The weirdest part was when they asked my name & I said Frh & they'll look at Amin's mum & say "Ohh, so ni la kwn Amin yg (I forgot what they called her haha) cite ari tu eh," causing me to be like wtf once again.

Went to take a shower. Came out & syg told me he wanted to go out fer a while, & told me to hang around. Well, eventually I got pissed, as his "awhile" ended up being 2-3 hrs. Sat quietly in front of the tv while silently cursing him for leaving me at home while he happily went out to lepak. Was on the verge of crying; I felt so alone & left out tht I had half a mind to pack up my stuff & leave. Everyone was busy talking to each other, while I sat there by myself, barely knowing anyone around, & having the closest one to me away. After tht 2-3 hrs syg came home, when I was already busy helping out with the tray fer the akad nikah the nx day. As not surprising, he went out yet again, causing me to diss him silently again. Pfft.

After all tht hung around with Kak Intan & her friends, & kak Hidayah, to put on tht 'inai' thingy fer the groom to be. Decided against putting it on too, since Mummy would most probably start bombarding me with her nagging again if I did. Sheesh. After tht couldn't sleep so hung around in the living room with kak Hidayah. Started talking about each other's boyf, eventually realising tht our boyfs were basically the same, although myself & her were way much different than each other. At around 2am she got sleepy & went to sleep, while I stayed sitting on the sofa waiting fer the boyf, who came home minutes after. Seriously, if we really do get married & he does tht, I'll fucking kill him. Sitting around waiting fer your sweetie to come home's so darn boring you'll feel like crashing your head into a wall. Lolololol. After tht watched movies with him until 5 summat. Skipped the fact tht I hated him for abandoning me, cuz eventually hating him made me want him even more. Pfft.

While waiting.

Friday, 5th June 2009.

Had the akad nikah thingy after Asar prayers at a mosque nearby. Was kinda interesting really, since it was my first time experiencing all this. Had to wear tudung of course, with help from kak Intan & Hidayah. They were so excited in dressing me up you'd be thinking I was the one getting married HAHA. Pfft.

Watching the whole ceremony, you can't help but start thinking a lot. You wonder what's going on in the bride's & groom's minds; how they feel knowing tht1 once they step out of the mosque they're officially a married couple, Insyaallah happy smpi ke kubur la kan wtfff. You feel the happiness really, it sends the blood rushing in your veins. Lols.

According to kak Intan they knew each other last yr. & here they are now, married. Fuhhh. Makes me wonder when I'll get married HAHAHA. Seeing Amin at a distance in the mosque, I started staring at him, & thought about everything. How we had already come this far. 8 months. Looking at him from a distance, I wondered why him. Why is he the one tht makes me feel the way I do, why of all people I could have thought of before, this least unexpected person happens to be the very one to steal my heart. Start thinking about how long we had, to stay together, whether all of this will really end only once one of us dies. Unexpected things happens, who knows kan?

The only pic I took tht day. Got plenty of pics of syg though, he was keeping my phone throughout the whole day. Pfft.

At night 4 of us, Intan, Hidayah, Intan's friend Hafsah & myself got somehow hyper & started fooling around, eventually laughing our heads & asses off lmao. Start fiddling with the baju pengantin, eventually leading to this:

HAHAHA. Guess you get your preview of how I'd look when I get married huh? Wtff.

Yea, kak Intan & Hafsah were fiddling around with the bride's tudung & tiara until suddenly before I could say anything they forced me to sit on the sofa while they wore it on me. After force me to 'senyum ayu' & snap photo. Lmao! After tht they attacked kak Hidayah. Haha. Then suddenly everyone wanted to go out, so I called Amin & asked him to come home, cuz we wanted to go Danau Kota. Lololol. Of course, it was boring. Syg & I sat at a kdai mamak waiting fer the others fer more than an hr, till we both were complaining like mad. Gosh, to spend hrs at a pasar mlm's just bizarre. Haha. Got back at 3 sumthing, & again, while everyone went to sleep I watched movies & bermanja2 with my hubby HAHA wtf. T_T

Saturday, 6th June 2009.

Wedding reception today, bride's side. Had it at Setiawangse hall. Just a normal kenduri really, like always. Ate with syg, Meor & Kechik. & slightly later met Fitrah, Amin's school junior aka pet sis. Again we laughed & joked around while eating & after, as they usually did. Then went back home for our next assignment, making bunga telur.

Borrowed Intan's bju kurung to suit the theme.

Seriously, after seeing more than a thousand eggs, I seriously felt like throwing up. It was scary, not to mention lame & boring, but hey, what was I supposed to expect, it is a wedding after all, & I promised to help. Met another pet sis of syg's, Ain. Put it this way, the moment I saw her I knew she was someone I would really dislike. Of course, my assumptions were really true, the next day of course, but we'll get on to tht later. Syg, as usual, went out, to play snooker. Seriously I felt like slapping him on the spot, when he told me he went to play snooker. If he couldn't bring me out with him I would at least be entirely grateful if he at least stayed with me at home, since I was only there fer the few days. But what would I expect, boys kan. Pfft.

Didn't get to spent time with the boyf at night. The hse was packed, relatives were sharing the living room this time, & he came back so late it would look stupid if I were to sit there in the dark doing nothing. Was pissed again, b'cuz of him going out & not even bothering to tell me he was going out. So I forced myself to sleep. I had been lacking of sleep fer the past few days, mayb it was time I got some rest.

syg's messy room. We girls shared his room, since his was the most spacious one, & there were 6 of us. p/s, u may have realised tht I gained weight based on my pics. Pfft.

Sunday, 7th June 2009. The finale!

Today was the most anticipated day of all. At 7.30 am Umi came into the room shouting "Ey anak2 dara, dah kul brp dah nih?! Bgun siap2!!" HAHA wtf. Heard her waking up Amin over the phone once, ngan aku skali t'bgun, & tht was only over the phone wey! So imagine how loud she was tht morning, like masuk boot camp edi haha wtf. I followed Amin's footsteps, & rolled over & went back to sleep. Haha lol. Well, basically all of us did tht. Swt. Half an hr later got up & washed my face, woke syg up, & went to have breakfast. After tht got ready.

Everything went well basically, I was walking around giving out bunga telur haha. Stood at the hallway saying welcome to people. Felt like working again wey! Haha. Towards the end lepak-lepaked with syg & a bunch of our friends. Oh, & to prove how much my assumptions the previous day were accurate. The moment I saw tht pet sis of Amin's, Ain, I knew tht sort of person very well. Well, why wouldn't I, I could easily be like tht too, if I wanted to. Laughing out loud is normal, but having your hands all over my boyf & leaning on his lap or shoulder's way over the top, especially when the girlf's right beside him. Sbar je la aku kan, xrase cam nak lempang je, kesah la ko adik angkat ke anak angkat pun. But n'way, biar je la, budak mentah, xtau pape lg, fucking let it be then. No drama is worth creating fer someone like tht. You know the word, gedik? Tht hits the spot. I've had my 'gedik' moments too, course I know. Jealousy perhaps? Sori naik lori ar bai. I don't need other girls touching my boyf, go play with someone else; fucking leave mine alone.

Matching clothes! Weee. Haha. The bju kurung's obviously too large for me, I didn't gain tht much weight okay! >.<

syg's cousin.

sis Hidayah. ;)

Everyone basically were so tired after the whole ceremony. Triple dated at the living room wtf. Nana & Faiz, Farah & Anas, & me & syg. Lepak2 fer a while, until eventually syg & Faiz fell asleep. A moment after tht it was Nana's turn. So Farah, Anas, & myself sat chit chatting while I also busied myself maki-ing him. Hoho.

Inila Anas sesat HAHA.

When the most unusual couple sleep.

At night went to catch a late night movie at KLCC with syg, Anas, & Farah. Jgn Pandang Belakang Congkak, a comedy horror movie. Laughed like noone's business. Lol. Got back home at around 3.

Started camwhoring with syg, & this pic was damn random. Snapped as usual, only to look at the pic & realise tht we both did the same facial expression. Haha.

Overall the past few days were great. Syg's relatives were all quite warm & friendly. & how I get introduced, it's funny really. Intan & Umi would try making everything low profile, addressing me as 'kawan Amin' where everyone would obviously catch the meaning, but it sure doesn't help when you have his dad usik-ing me at every chance he gets, asking me at random times where's Amin in front of people or telling people loudly tht I'm 'Amin's girlfriend'. Haha. Duhh. One of his aunties was suggesting getting tags fer me & Hidayah during the wedding, so tht everyone would know whose 'kawan' we were. Ahaha. Lols.

Well, now, everything's back to normal ain't it? Classes, the usual dok kat rumah online, how I'll go online in myspace & see syg online playing dota & get kecil ati b'cuz he can have the time to cmnt other girls but can't seem to spare time to leave me just one single cmnt or msg or wtvr. Life's great ain't it. Gah.

Had to take a pic fer my student id today. Explain the formal bju yea.
Fyi, tht's mum's blouse. She gave it to me to wear to work last time, but unfortunately, I couldn't wear it, b'cuz it was too tight. In fact, I couldn't even button it. Now, it's not only wearable, it's even loose. Was I really tht fat last time? Pfft.

Finally found a topic for my public speaking presentantion. Various reasons why men lie to women. Professional enough? Haha. Good topic really. Explains why syg likes to lie to me all the time. I hate tht. I hate liars. Gosh just stop it, no matter what it's about.

Will blog more on the topic tmrw. Meanwhile, I need to sleep, it's late. Class at 8 tmrw.


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