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.Monday, June 01, 2009 @ 5:58 PM Y

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Soo. First day of university was actually nice! Haha. Arrived at 10, but due to a misunderstandiing of the timetable I had class at 12, so had to hang around. Pfft. Xbosan lak aku, dahlah sorg2. N'way, English was taught by Ms Paveena, better known as Miss V(p.s, hot & single wey HAHA ), who uh, well, looks like some Sabahan or Sarawakian to me, ntah. So, not much today, just revised back on the usual stuff like nouns & pronouns & stuff. Had to find a partner in class & introduce tht person, instead of the usual introduce myself crap. University level of course. Haha. Paired up with Ching Yee, from Cheras.

After lecture lepaked around, waiting fer Public Speaking tutorial to start. Made another friend, Sarah, & started talking about National Service. Haha wtf. N'way, class started at 3. The tutor/lecturer, Miss Sharon looked very fierce at first, but after awhile she was really awesome, cracking jokes, those stuff. Public Speaking la kan. Haha. At the end of class we all had to go one by one in front of class, introduce ourselves, & represent ourselves as something. As fer me, I represented myself as a music player. Ngahaha.

Oh, I suck at Public Speaking wey! Yes, I can talk loud & clear, but you'll realise that I'll be looking at the 4 walls & the ceiling around me HAHA. & I already have an assignment right now. I need to prepare a 5-minute speech to present in front of class in two weeks time. Gah. Tlg wey! Pfft.

& yea, about that wedding I was so much looking forward to. By the looks of it I can't go. Mummy allows me to sleep at his hse & stuff, but she's not gonna give the car. Basically, I still need the car, cuz I have to go fer classes, & syg has no car. So yea, the only thing I can do is to not go at all, which fucking sucks. I've been looking forward to this day since what, the 1st time I went to syg's house? Tht was like in freaking December. Xsakit ati aku. Urgh, I feel so crappy right now. All tht stupid preparation fer nothing. Why did I even buy tht baju kurung in the 1st place wey?! Buang duit aku je kot. & I refuse to follow mum back to Kuantan, though basically if I blk I can still lepak with Syukri & Sheeya(don't fucking ask me why I included her), but I rather stay & rot in my room. Pfft. I feel like crying. Haha wtf. T_T

Enabled my tagboard again, so leave your cmnts there yeah! Would love to know who actually reads my blog. Read my old cmnts, I spent a lot of time arguing with syg there, & something bout finding him a girlf HAHA, & there's even a cmnt frm Yon when we fought last time. Ngahaha. All tht I love you crap, gosh we were so immature. Sheesh.


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