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.Saturday, June 13, 2009 @ 10:55 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time

Had a very tiring day today. Went to one of Amin's relative's house in Seremban fer yet another kenduri kawen. Haha. Pfft. His friends, Faiz, Yus, & Meor came along too, since we all planned to drop by Port Dickson to mandi laut after the wedding.

The wedding was kinda boring really. I barely knew anyone there, unless you count the ones I met during syg's brother's wedding, who were all so busy it was impossible staying with them. Yea, the boyf abandoned me yet again, while I hung around stupidly feeling out of place once again. Pfft. Finally after what felt like the longest one hr of my life wtf, we finally left the place & headed on to Port Dickson.

I always knew the beach was a fun place to be, but after today, wow, it's just totally awesome. Mayb it's the fact tht after so many yrs of going to the beach all I ever did was stand at the seashore cuz mummy won't let me swim; says it's too dangerous. Swt. Today we all practically went into the sea to swim, into the deep part, supposingly deep la. Was my first time, so I spent the first hour or so clinging on to the boyf's neck, when basically I could still touch the bottom surface HAHA. Just swam around, & fooled around laughing together. Everything was fun, except for the part where the boyf started lifting me & throwing me into the water. T_T

After tht went back to the car to change. Well somehow la. Wtf. Mood was hyper & excited really, until the guys, including my own boyf started doing their own sightseeing on girls around the beach. Tht definitely placed a blow to my head, especially seeing my own boyf do tht, mainly b'cuz of the fact tht I was already so darn uncomfortable with myself, & I didn't need anyone else reminding me tht there were so many others girls with hotter bodies out there. Another episode of my insecurity. Ever since the boy'f's brother's wedding I had gained a lot of weight, & right now, I'm having trouble controlling myself again. So yea, at times you just feel like kicking yourself. Pfft.

Otw home everyone dropped dead. Haha. Syg was driving, tht is, until he said he couldn't stand another minute awake. All the boys didn't sleep the previous night. B'cuz of tht, I had to take over the driving. Thank God the road was straight. Haha. Felt better & less panicky than my 1st time with mummy, mayb b'cuz of the fact tht syg didn't start shouting at me at every chance he got. Lol. Instead, all he did was ask me to slow down, everytime I reached 100 or so. Hearing it from a person who drives over 100 ALL the time's just weird. HAHA. N'way, after half an hour or so he took over again, I was losing concentration n'ways due to the increasing number of cars around me.

Now I'm so darn tired I think I'm gonna drop dead now, despite it being only 11.30pm & tht I just ate. & this sore throat makin menjadi2 already, I think I'm falling sick. Pfft.

Nite bbys.


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