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.Wednesday, June 03, 2009 @ 5:59 PM Y

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Ever since before I started university never in my life did I think I'd actually be at university, lepaking in a group in the corridors. I had always imagined myself sitting alone at some corner wtf. Anti social la kan. Haha. Now I spend my breaks lepaking at some table in the corridors with most of my classmates, & other students, girls & guys alike. Fun really, I feel so at home. Was thinking tht since I'm malay it'd be hard to mix around, but in fact now everyone's approaching me. Haha. University life has never been better.

N'way, had economics lecture this morning. Hmm, not tht bad I guess, a lot of reading needed, so I'm dead. Then lepaked with some friends, Jolyn, John, Ee Kai, Swee Min, & a lot of others. Then we went fer Business Maths. Asked my tutor/lecturer how Business Maths really was, & he said it was like Add Maths, but slightly advanced, causing me to accidently say out loud "Gah, tht's it, I'm changing course after this,". The whole class started laughing at my statement. Wtf. Seriously, otak karat already wey! In our lecture we had to practice doing some function & straight line questions, like in the Spm ones. Serious wey, those two were some of my fave subtopics, & now I got all my formulas mixed up. Pfft. & the lecturer claims us to be smart enough to pass his sub. Sheesh. N'way, I may want to continue my degree in Kampar, Perak. May be far, but it's a nice place really, & most of my friends are going there too.

After lectures went to Sunway fer gym. Damn a lot of people wey! Note to self, never, ever step foot in a shopping mall when it's school holidays. The immature school kiddos make me feel like laughing out loud, sarcastically of course, the idiotic bitches who think they're so darn fuck pretty makes me feel like slapping them, & finally those couples who walk along holding hands & hugging each other make me feel so..single & unloved. Pfft. Idk, mayb it's b'cuz of the fact tht I was so tired I almost fainted.

Sry fer the fugly face, br bgun kan. Here's the shirt I was talking about. Imagine Amin wearing it. Ahaha. Just now got back home from uni & nek perli me wey! Asked if I was going to study or to ngorat. Wtf. Gi U pun kene la nmpk smart kan. Ngahaha. :P

Meanwhile, I got an offer letter from UiTM. Since my request into UiTM itself got rejected, they offered me a spot at some Islamic college under UiTM, Institut Profesional Baitulmal, in KL. Yes, which obviously means tht if I go there I'll have to cover up & 'tutup aurat'. Which is the last thing I'll do, sry to say. Lantak la murah camne kan. I'm just not ready. Pfft. Thank God I'm already in UTAR. Sheesh.

N'way, gotta print out my lecture & tutorial notes & find a topic for my Public Speaking 5-minuite speech in 2 weeks time. Pfft. Laters.


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