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.Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @ 2:51 AM Y

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So. After what, 2-3 days of deleting my blog. Just b'cuz the boyf said he actually enjoyed reading it & I, thinking back, did post quite a few nice memorable posts here, decided to restore it back. Haha.

Why I deleted my blog? The other day I got pissed at basically nothing, again involving my boyf. & straight away I started blogging, until halfway tht is, I got kinda lost at what I actually wanted to post. It suddenly occured to me that I was too dependent on this blog of mine, until every single little emotion I had I would start blogging. It's not wrong really, but it felt like a bad obsession, somehow.

Maybe it was the guilt I felt dissing my boyf here fer the past few weeks. People make mistakes, so why do I have to make him look like the biggest loser on Earth? He's not all bad, if he was I wouldn't be with him in the 1st place. I guess I didn't have anyone to let out to, & ended up letting out in my blog, & maybe exaggerate abit. Ntahla, nak explain pun xtau nak explain camne. =.=

N'way, the day was good actually. I spent the whole day being joyful & full of laughter. Decided to really push the bad emotions aside & just enjoy a day in my life fer once. I had finally gotten sick of feeling so selfless, so insecure. Just decided to not give a fuck of what was going on around me. For once, it worked. I laughed at the most random things & kept a smile on my face the whole day. I guess I tortured myself thinking negative thoughts & stuff, which was why I nvr really recovered. N'way, as a closure to these negative thoughts, I actually posted a blogpost in my Myspace blog, & sealed it with a smile. Yeap, that exactly how I want things to be right now. I don't want to try so hard & end up disapointing myself. But n'way, instead of elaborating, go look it up yourself. (:

Okay, so I watched the Love Guru last night. Haha. Slightly dirty, but darn funny, & there was really a lot tht you could learn. Yes, coming from a Mike Myers movie, seems impossible really. Haha. But the movie made sense. It is true in fact, that if you can't learn how to love yourself first, you can never love another. It's a nice movie, do watch it. (:

Oh. You guys ever wondered, why I named my blog True Love Lies?

Well, I first created this blog, in 2006. Being the typical 15-yr old, I was your average girl who was always crushing on some guy & stuff. I was known by friends to be the girl to fall in love fast. Mainly 'true love lies' came to my head cuz generally, I had the opinion that in every single person, lies the ability to truly love another, no matter how bad or heartless the person could be. There you go, true love lies. ;)

Today, ask me why & I'll give you a whole new reason. After so many experiences, in a way you know. Why True Love Lies? B'cuz love is complicating. No matter how true, how deep, how strong love seems to be, there are always lies beneath the surface. But within the lies, true love will still remain, & will always remain. Xmsuk akal? Haha. Twist & turn the words around, & apply them in my situation, maybe you'll somehow get what I mean. (:

1 more day. <33


.Farah Alia.
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