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.Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 11:20 PM Y

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So, finally I passed my driver's test. Woohoo! Haha. Had my test at like 4pm, due to some stupid new system. & I happened to have arrived there at almost 10. Pfft. N'way, one of the driving instructors, Abg Wan, brought those from the 3rd section(the ones taking the test in the afternoon) to Batu Caves to practice. Praticed with Fiona & Nari, my korean friend, studying in Taylors. N'way, practice was flawless, as it always was, though somehow I always screwed up in the test. Lol.

Had my test at almost 4pm. Things were definitely not going well fer me; I was so darn sleepy since I only had one hr of sleep the previous night, & well, the heat was getting to my head. But n'way, to start things, the slope. Did badly fer my 1st attempt. The tyre was like only less than 30% in wey! Sheesh. Panicked obviously, was scared tht they would skip giving me a second chance & ask me to get out of the car. However, got more than what I thought would be in store fer me. The last thing I expected was for the JPJ officer to look at my test slip & then at me & shout "Laaa bkan amoy eh?" & ask me to go down to slope, which was what happened. Wtf. She didn't even give much of a glance at the fact tht I wasn't even 50% on the line & just asked me to continue onwards, passing me. Call me lucky? Ehh.
Oh fyi, she looked kinda like kak Intan, the boyf's sis HAHA.

So, with tht huge smile on my face I went down to take my test slip & drove to the parking & 3point turn section, while reading all sorts of prayers & somewhat molesting the steering HAHA. N'way, had to wait fer a while; long queue. Lol. While waiting the abgs of SKEM(the name of the place) decided to kaco me. One came to the left side of my car & another to the right, one with a face yg cam nak mkn org, & another with the I-want-to-rogol-you-face HAHAHA. Pfft. N'way, both started staring at me, & despite how uncomfortable I was, wat bodo suda. Eventually, the one on the right was suddenly like "Haa, kan sy igt lg, awk Melayu kan?" & we both started laughing. The one on the left however lmbt pick up, until he saw my test slip & said "Ehh, bkn amoy eh?", then both of them started discussing about me wtf. Basically all the male staff there knew me, I've been there so many times & initially they had mistaken me for being Japanese HAHA.

N'way, after what felt like ages finally it was my turn. Parked in the position I was supposed to park & went to give my test slip to the officer in charge. P.s, he was darn cute, but possibly married too HAHA wtf. Melepas suda hahaha. Seriously wey, he's fucking smart dohh. Okay Farah stop it sheesh. So, did my parking as carefully & as fast as possible, since my spot was like a mini slope, & if I was not careful I would be making poles drop like bowling pins. Haha. Surprisingly, I got through it, & did my 3 point turn, which surprisingly, I passed too! Gosh, once I turned out of the 3 point turn area I practically screamed "Oh-emm-gee," as I went to park my car at the slope area. Came out of the car with this huge smile on my face, & with the urge of wanting to scream out in joy & cry, as the SKEM staff standing there all smiled at me; finally I had passed. Haha.

Went to collect my test slip, & to sign it. Went up to tht abg cute (HAHAHOHOWTFF) & got so overexcited he was like "saba la dik!" while laughing himself. Haha. The other officer however asked me if my mum was Chinese & I said yea. So yea, practically me passing my test made up for everything. Nari failed again though. ):

Meanwhile, nek decided to somehow drop by our hse to sleep for the night. Came to KL from Kota Bahru fer a few days. Just now had trouble getting her to sleep in Papa's room; she insisted on sharing my room with me. Haa, aku, nak share blik? Dgn mlm2 aku gayut phone lg, jgn nak hrap la sape2 nak share blik ngan aku, lantak la ko mak ke bapak ke moyang ke. Apart from the boyf, I'm not sharing my room with anyone wey. WTF. *Cough cough* N'way, my point is, uh, well, there's no point actually. Swt. Nasib baik satu mlm je dohh. Brought my teddy bear with me, plan on staying up all night watching movies on my laptop. Sheesh. Call me sicko man. Fyi, tht teddy bear's a must to have around! I can't sleep without it. :|

Ohh. You know tht film I talked about, Bride Wars? I want my future husband to be like Kate Hudson's husband-to-be in the movie. He called her a sexy smurf when she had blue hair HAHA. Damn sweet+cute wey! & when they were buying their engagement rings. Gah jeles jeles haha.


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