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.Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 8:06 PM Y

Currently tuning into: The Panic Division - Automatic Synthetic

Fucking Gunung Semanggol. Or summat hella crap place like tht, in Perak. Yea ppl, after months of glee in supposingly not being selected fer National Service, here I fucking am, expected to be reporting myself on the 17th of June. Mother F wey! T_T

This afternoon was otw to fetch my brother from tuition. Then suddenly my aunt called mummy & said something to her, causing her to suddenly scream "WHAT?!?!?!" Xk'jut lak aku kan, dahlah tgh drive. Duhh. Didn't know what was going on, until I heard my name, & hear her say tht both mummy & I checked. Well, only one thing came in my mind, & I screamed so loud & braked so abruptly tht if I wasn't careful I could have ended up crashing my car. Pfft. Fer once I actually started really swearing in front of mum, using the F word at every single chance I got. Wtf. Swore all the way to Hero, forgetting the fact this was the 1st time I actually drove up to Alam Megah. You'd be thinking I've already been driving fer yrs wtf.

Fer once, I actually felt like crying. I felt terrible, worse than the very first time I check via sms. In fact, when syg called just now I started tearing. I don't even know why, it's not that bad once you think of it, especially since the boyf said I only have to go fer a week or so since I've already started university, but, gah, the thought of going fer PLKN's dead scary. I mean, what if something happens within tht 1 week or so there?! How if I get raped, or molested, or bullied, or kene food poisoning & possibly DIE?!?! Waaaaaaa. Okay I'm exaggerating wtf.

But it's scary. I mean, during the 1st batch there were cases of food poisoning in all Perak camps; a lot of my friends kene, since almost everyone from my school did their training in Perak. What if that happens again wey?! I don't want to die yet wey! & even if I were to die I wanna die near my loved onessssss WTF. Sheesh. Okay, I'm just exaggerating fer the fun of it. Hoho.

Mummy said she'll come tman me go Perak, & she'll force Amin to come along. Haha. Well, that is, until she was like, "Oh, but Amin continue studies already right then?" I started wailing again.

The Panic Division. I was searching fer some trance song I found in myspace & found a song by them. So pe lg, download je la kan. Mane la tau tu lagu I cari kan. Skali it wasn't, but dang, it was an awesome song, Automatic Synthetic. Their songs are more of less like bands like Tasking Back Sunday & Escape The Fate. Gah. Loveeeee.

Meanwhile, tonight I plan on watching P.S, I Love You again. More crying haha wtf. Mummy scolded me cuz I took all the tissues in her bag(it was the only closest source of tissues near me last night haha). & next week I'm gonna force Amin to watch it with me so tht he'll learn to appreciate me haha lmao. Although I'm sure, he won't watch the movie but will most probably be laughing at me crying throughout the whole movie. Pfft.


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