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.Friday, May 29, 2009 @ 12:51 AM Y

Currently tuning into: No Doubt - Don't Speak

Today, the 29th of May 2009, is my baby boo's b'day!! Weee. Bby boo? HAHA wtf. My sweetie's officially a yr older, nineteen to be exact. Happy b'day syg! I love you so fucking much, not even words can explain.

Wanted to celebrate with him, but gah, so many things in the way. & basically he doesn't care cuz apparently he nvr does celebrate his b'day & doesn't seem to understand why it's somehow so important fer me wanting to celebrate his b'day with him. It's not everyday you get to celebrate your boyf's b'day is it? In fact, the last time I attempted doing tht I ended up breaking up with him. Pfft. But n'way, it's his special day, he's your special one, so yea, get what I mean.

N'way, he dropped by a while ago. All the way from Keramat to Subang just to send an wedding invitation letter. Haha. X ke bangang balak aku nih. Was expecting him to at least stay for a while, well, tht is, until he left ten minutes later. Sheesh. Brought all his friends, Meor, Faiz, & another whom I don't recognize. The first thing tht came to my mind was like yea, they're so going to MOS. Clubbing, tht's basically the only reason tht makes sense. All the way to Subang to send an invitation letter? I so don't think so. But n'way, wtvr, it's his b'day, he can go ahead, if he'd rather celebrate with his friends than with me. Gosh I'm such an ungrateful bitch HAHA. Joking. xP

Seriously Idc, really. The only reason I don't like him going is b'cuz I'm scared really. You know, like Rihanna's song Hatin' On The Club? Yea, tht's what I mean. Haha. The thought of having my boyf go to a club to check girls out or to have other girls checking him out is like so, fucked-up. I so don't need all that cuz it's so overrated, & basically if I was there I'd screw those fucktards up. Wtf. N'way, it's just the same as why he doesn't want me to go; the wild people & stuff, yea.

N'way, enough about that. So, at 5 this morning I went to sleep on the sofa, due to me not having my room. Pfft. At 6 mum woke me up & told me to sleep in her bed. So I went, & at the same time syg called. Couldn't talk much really; so you'd understand why I was so pissed about not having my room. So after a short conversation we both went to sleep, with our phones next to each other, as we always did. Well, that is, until 10 minutes later nek came into my room to wake me up & told me to go semayang Subuh. Haha. After muttering yes several times I rolled around & went back to sleep, while at the same time the phone line putus. Cheh kuang aja nye cucu. Haha. Summore before the line putus syg started yawning & moaning. Fyi, I had loudspeaker on as always HAHA. Xtau la nek dgr ke xkan. N'way, I know I mmg kantoi tht I have a boyf cuz I left my necklace on my dresser in my room, so obviously, nek saw it. Lol.

After that I slept on & off until 3pm. Haha. Wasn't used to sleeping in tht bed. The only comfort to me was that I had my teddy bear with me, & tht syg slept there last time, when mummy asked him to sleep at our hse. Haha what a sucker I am. Pfft. Idk why, but fer some reason tht teddy bear tht syg gave to me is always a comfort to me. When I can't sleep I'd hold tht bear & eventually I'll fall asleep, when I'm crying hard I'll hug tht bear & somehow feel calmer & better, when I'm bored I'll look at it & think back of the happy moments I had with syg & start laughing. Idk, mayb it's the fact tht it's from him? Which has gotten me thinking, what if we're done one day? Okay okay, thinking too far. Sheesh.

haha cam dak kecik je ;P

Last night found some pics of my kitty Thomas, when he was a kitten. Gosh, I started crying. I miss tht my little baby so so much. Found Thomas behind our house when he was barely a day old, last yr. His eyes wern't even open & he was crying out in hunger. God bless. So we kept him until he was 9 months, until the day he fell sick & left us. Sobs. All the other cats loved him so much. & he was the only cat we had that actually showed love & affection back, maybe b'cuz of the fact tht we were the only family in his life. Told mummy about it while she was cooking. Even mummy started crying. We all still can't believe he's gone. It's such a shame, he was an angel. Even posting about him right now's making me cry.

The one on the right, next to Lucky.
Gah I miss you so much baby. )':

Oh, watched 27 dresses last night. Was thinking it was some movie on fashion only to find out tht it's mainly about marriage. 1st its Bride Wars now 27 Dresses. What's with the marriage movies wey? Haha. Seriously, fyi, this girl here's the very one who had sworn to never get married & have kids. Well, tht is, until she became an item with Casper. Pfft.

N'way, 27 dresses is about this woman who's a wedding planner or sumthing like tht, & is always the bridesmaid at a wedding. Then in the movie she had to plan her demanding sister's wedding with a man she had loved so much. & the usual stoyline comes out, you meet someone you dislike & in one way or another in end up realising tht tht's the exact guy you're in love with. Haha. Ntah la, tgk la cite tu sendiri, besh wooo, romantic. Especially when they started making out in the car..fuhh, menyanggapkan seyh HAHAHA. Jkjk. But there's this scene tht I really love. As quoted from the movie, a kiss tells how exactly your feelings are, or sumthing like tht la. The leading actress kissed the guy she thought she loved & felt nothing. But when she kissed the guy she supposingly hated, wow, sparks were everywhere. Haha. It's true really, a kiss does tell a lot. You can tell if tht person's kissing you sincerely, or just fer fun, well, tht is if you're not blindly kissing like there's no tmrw la. Haha. Tht's the best part about kissing, you get to show your affection fer your loved one. Actions do speak louder than words. ;)

Than there's that line in Bride Wars tht I found amusing too. Apparently, marriage is the beginning of our life. Before marriage, we are all dead. So basically, if you die without marriage, you die dead. Wtf.

I found this interesting. (:


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