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.Saturday, May 16, 2009 @ 10:23 PM Y

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Oh. Didn't mention anything about the subs tht have been selected fer me once I start U did I? It was written on my receipt or bill or wtvr you call it. Yes, even before I register they already have the bill ready fer you to pay up haha wtf. Typical Chinese la kan, although with high standards money is always needed. Pfft. No racist offence or something here, cuz if y'all haven't realised I happen to be almost 80% chinese so yea. Sheesh.

So, 1st there's English. Not much prob fer me there, cuz after all English is my all-time fave sub, so yea, easy kot. Then there's Principles of Economics & Introduction To Accounting, where I'm gonna be so dead since I know nuts about those two subs & only God knows until now why the hell I stupidly chose to enter Science class in Form 4 HAHA. =.=

Apparently mummy & Wan Ying said tht Econs can be quite easy, once you get to know the graphs & stuff. Uh, yea, graphs. Even the word itself made me sink, so don't talk about it getting easy wey. Pfft. N'way, after tht there's Computer Studies, which I may most probably have no prob with. But of course, there was one sub written on the bill tht made my heart really sink. Public Speaking & Communication.

Haha. Uh, okayyy. I thought tht sub was only meant fer those planning to take Mass Com; only did I realise tht if you were in business, you would obviously have to talk too wtf. Seriously, even in Form 5 I would break a sweat when doing my Oral. Which reminds me, I was almost always nvr ready & supposingly did it 'spontaneously'. Well, tht is, until I start crapping in front of the class HAHAHA. Pfft. N'way, thinking back on when I was working, my social skills wasn't tht bad really; customers actually liked & complimented the way I communicated with them, so yea, hopefully I'll do good. Then lastly there's Maths for Business & Social Science, where I have a feeling tht it won't be about calculating numbers. Pfft. Apart from tht there's Pengajian Malaysia, Bahasa Kebangsaan & Pengajian Islam, the 3 compulsory subs I have to take. So there's like 9 subs altogether. Pfft.

It's abit too sudden really, so many things happening at once. I really don't know if I'm more nervous or scared or even happy about entering U. It's scary thinking tht no, this is no longer school, & how things will be so much tougher. & I'm wondering how bad or good I'll end up doing, especially after not studying fer so long, cuz basically, I was nvr the studious type, & no matter how much I say now tht I'll concentrate on studies only, I'm wondering just how long I can concentrate before I start to go lepaking or clubbing at night HAHA sheesh. But wtvr it is, I'm really hoping tht life as a university student will be interesting fer me.

Oh, & the boyf won't have to worry about me 'curang-ing' on him (as if he would even care wtf) & mummy won't have to worry about me fooling around & not studying cuz basically, come to think of it, the students there are 95% chinese, & I've nvr, ever been attracted to Chinese guys, no matter how cute they are & I nvr seem to get along well with a lot of Chinese ppl, apart from ppl like Mei Xin, Wan Ying, & Sophia. But n'way, who cares, Frh's there to study okeh!

Study la sgt.

Oh, I just rmbred. It's Teacher's Day! Ahaha dah kul brp dah skrg br nak igt. Still rmbr last yr's celebrations, hilarious wey. Funny how you finished school & all this things tht seemed so fun then can be forgotten now.


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