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.Tuesday, May 12, 2009 @ 1:28 AM Y

Currently tuning into: Forever The Sickest Kids - Phone Call

Something about this cmnt above made me wanna cry. Haha. Bkan sbb sdih la ngok. Tp ntah, cam nak nangis lak lpas bce wtf. Oh, tht's Ramzy btw, Amin's friend, tht I got to know in myspace, through Amin of course. Lepaked with him a few times, quite a nice guy.

N'way, it's already halfway through May wey! Damn fast. Yet it does feel like a loooong time since I finished school. Pfft. Really hoping to get accepted in UTAR nx month. & if I am accepted, I wanna rent an apartment nearby there, if mummy approves. Not tht expensive really, less than rm800 can get already, 2bedrooms & 1bathroom. Tht's if it's still available la. Can rent a room actually, but I prefer to have my own privacy, & have friends over at times, like Amin or Nad. Weee. Haha. Duhh aku ni ckp cam byk duit lak HAHA sheesh.

N'way, I've already planned. Before I start studies I'm gonna get mummy & papa to buy me new clothes (university, like hello! tiap2 ari mesti kene nmpk smart kan HAHA), & I'm gonna convince them that it will be too a hassle to ulang alik from PJ, b'cuz of the jam, & that they should just let me rent a place & gimme the car to transport myself. HAHAHA celake nye anak. Wtff. N'way, the car I know is confirmed, since obviously I'll be needing transport. She was a bit fussy though, I've been attempting to get my license fer the past few months & kept on failing with dignity hahahohoheheheeee. Blame stupid William la! Guarantee pass my fucking foot wey! Wat malu aku lg byk ade la. Duhhh. Sheesh, die gak kene. Ahaha.

Oh, & this morning I hinted syg to send me to U next time, since my nx jpj test might be on the 20th(on my anniversary wey wtf!) & if I do succeed in getting my license then there won't be enough time fer me to practice, since class starts on the 1st. Again, tht is, if I get accepted into UTAR. Pfft. So, while I was trying to make it seem as long & complicating as possible, unfortunately for me syg got the point & was like "Ni nak I jd driver la nih?!" WAHAHAHA. What's he complaining wey! I bg kete gune lak tuhh. (Psst, only for the 1st few weeks la, after tht he can go main jauh2 HAHAHA jaht nye bini tol daaa,) Lol jkjk.

Okay, I'm getting overexcited. In the first place, I don't even know yet whether I'm accepted, & tht stupid license. Gah, I'm so jinxed in getting it wey! All my practices are flawless, I wasn't nervous during the last exam, yet the stupid tiang decided to ruin my day. Pfffftt. Kaco daun man.

I had in mind a b'day surprise fer syg, whose b'day's on the 29th. However, thx to him asking whether I was planning anything fer his b'day its no longer a surprise.

Yea ppl, I was planning to buy a b'day cake fer him & drive all the way to Keramat, without telling him anything. Gosh for a coward like me, wanting to drive all the way to Keramat is somehow insane. Haha. But a few days back Amin pndi2 ask me whether I had any plans like us going out to eat or summat & told me tht he wanted to go Melaka (or ajk me go Melaka, something like tht la, xigt daa). So yea, now I'm figuring out something else to plan. Haha.

N'way, better get going, it's 3am & I need to sleep. Haha. Nite loves. <33


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