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.Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 10:46 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Akon - Hypnotized

Was browsing Bell's blog just now, & curik this:

If a girl cries in front of you,
it means that she couldn’t take it anymore.
If you take her hand,
she would stay with you for the rest of your life.
If you let her go,
she couldn’t go back to being herself anymore.

A girl wont cry easily,
except in front of the person who she love the most,
she becomes weak.

Ngahaha. So the boyf wants to laugh at me fer crying almost all the time? With reasons la obviously bukan skit2 nangis skit2 nangis la duhh. Swt.

N'way, this morning at 7 had mummy bang on my door, & threw the car keys in my face, shouting at me to go sort out the car, tht died halfway while she was going to fetch adik to school. N'way, it was 7am, so you could imagine how blur I was. N'way, after taking the keys I went to get my jacket & went outside. Seeing no Kancil I assumed mummy sent it to the workshop, so I went back up & landed once again on my bed to go back to sleep. Well, tht is, until I realised that I was holding the car keys. HAHAHA wtf. & I stupidly assumed tht the car was at the workshop la. Abis kete tu xyah pkai kunci la kan. Duhh. So n'way, went out again & saw the car at the end of the road. So with my messy hair, blur face, jacket & shorts I walked to the car. Haha. The car could start obviously, so I drove it back. Apparently it only died once you attempted to on the aircon.

So. Getting all panicky I called the boyf. Why, only God knows cuz basically, it wasn't as if he'll actually wake up & answer his phone. Pfft. Basically I was panicking b'cuz everytime syg drove the car there was always a problem with it the nx day. Pdhal aku tgk bwk cam biase je. Ok, so maybe a bit too fast, but other than tht, nothing really. Lol. But since I drove the car & the problem must have been something to do with the aircon, I knew it wasn't his fault; even mummy knew the air con was faulty. So yea, nasib baik doh t'lps. Sheesh.

Oh. The other night some guy called Tatie added me in Ym. After chatting he asked fer my number, & I gave it (don't fucking ask me why wey, Idfk.) However tht night I didn't reply his msgs since some other guy called me & shortly after tht I did super savers with my boyf. After tht I didn't really layan him. Haha. N'way, just now he added me in Myspace. Found it weird for the fact tht initially he told me he had no myspace, & yet here he was. The stupid part about all this was tht he had no idea tht I am tht girl he was chatting with tht night. He got confused when I asked him why is it tht he has myspace when he told me tht he doesn't. Mayb it's the fact tht I use a different pic in Ym. Lol.

N'way, in his page there was a cute pic of him with his girlf. Only then did I realise tht he probably told me he didn't have a myspace b'cuz he wanted to hide the fact tht he has a girlf. Urgh. You know, those are the exact guys tht I hate. But who am I to say anything, my own boyf did tht, hide the fact tht I still exist in his life, to other girls. *cough cough* Wtvr, leave the past.

N'way, let's get to the point. Tht guy's cute, & when I say cute, I mean fucking cute. This time last yr I'd probably have jumped in joy in having such a cute hottie call or text me at night. Yet, I felt nothing. In fact, I didn't reply his msgs after tht night, claiming I had not credit, when basically I have like what, rm20? Pfft. See how much I've actually changed within this yr.

Oh, I hate period cramps. You boys have no idea just how fucking lucky y'all are.


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