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.Friday, May 29, 2009 @ 11:30 PM Y

Currently tuning into: 3oh!3 - Don't Trust Me

Had a loooong day today. Went to Shogun's again, this time with mummy, adik, mama Ping, mama Han, & my own Amin. Haha. Considered it somehow as a b'day special fer Amin & mama Ping, whose b'day's nx Saturday. N'way, arrived at Sunway & went to take a quick shower, while the others went to Padini Concept, & syg was otw from Keramat. 12.30 went into Shogun's, tht is, until syg called, & said he got lost. Obviously I panicked, tht is, until he said he was 'lost' in Sunway. Wtf. Nak kene tampar ngan aku ke ape. Haha. So went to wait fer him in front of Mcd's, when yet again he decided to kenekan me. Called him & told me he was in front of Mcd, exactly where I was. Then he made up all his hoo haa stories & I was bz laughing on the phone, not realising tht he was actually nx to me. Wtfff.

I loveeee Sunway's washrooms HAHA.

N'way, after eating went shopping! Woohoo. Basically syg decided to date my brother instead so I majok-ed & went to shop till I drop, in a way. Lol. Bought a few tees & a pairs of shoes from Padini, & 2pairs of jeans from Jusco's Voir. All preparations fer university. Hoho. Then went to send syg home. Weirdly my mum had gotten so close to syg you'd suddenly be thinking he's her son & tht we're siblings WTFFF. N'way, mum met with syg's umi, which was apparently very awkward. Haha. Then otw way we got damn sesated we almost ended up going to Ipoh HAHA wtff. Okay I admit, I'm very lazy to blog right now. Ahaha. Sry kiddos. ;P

Aah. Met Boy at Sunway. One of my myspace friends actually, which I met through Nad & Bell. N'way, he was cucuking money from the ATM machine nx to where syg & I were when he kept on looking at me. After a few moments where we both started looking at each other & look away when the other was looking(haha wtf) I started laughing at him & went to say hello.

It was kinda awkward really, not to mention slightly guilty, mainly b'cuz of the fact tht I was really, really close to him last yr, until I got together with Casper tht is. After being with Casper I had decided to stop contacting any other guy, which unfortunately included him. So eventually we fell apart. Although we were so close, we had nvr became an item, despite both being single at the time. N'way, from the way he looked at me, I knew straightaway tht he was thinking of what happened last time. Some mini fling we had. Ngeh3. N'way, tht's all old news, I'm already over it, & he should be too, so yea.

I loveee black, the only way to look slim. T_T

Two more days till class starts. Gah. Hope I'll still have time to update then. Later ppl. <3


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