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.Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 9:08 PM Y

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2As, 3Bs, 3Cs, & 2Ds. Yours truly's results. Gotten an A fer English & Est, as expected, B fer Maths, Bm, & weirdly Add Maths. Got C fer Chem, Physics & Agama, & Ds fer Sejarah & TK. Seriously speaking, I'm glad. I expected 2As of course, but I expected worse fer the rest. But what do you know? It's not tht bad really. Mummy was slightly disapointed, but even she had to agree, it was much better than all previous exams.

Cousin Azzri scored 5As, much expected really. & he's complaining tht he had bad results. On the bright side, I got a higher grade in Add Maths than him; he only scraped a C. HOHO.

I'm happy with what I have, though it's not much. Skrg aku melantak arr korg nak ckp aku dpt lg truk dr anak ko ke, cucu ko ke, anak buah ko ke wtvr. Pe aku kisah klu dorg lg pndi dr aku, aku lain, so diam.

Guess the only probs I have now is the driving test I have to retake & whether I'll get into Uitm Or not, though I have a feeling I'm won't make it. PLKN's out of the list I guess, I've checked several times & my IC number's no longer in the system, so I'll assume I'm done with tht. Though I'd have to say, all those tht came back from PLKN looked extremely fitter, & darker too. Haha.

N'way, before results Nad, Bell, & myself re-lived back our high school memoirs by eating nasi lemak in those school pondoks. Haha. Then after taking results tht came out at 11-ish, the three of us went to Taipan, to accompany Nad to the bank, & then lepak, before Bell went fer PLKN nx week.

Yea, Bell & I finally made up, after all these months. Couldn't see why I should be mad at her n'way, it was mainly my mistake too, that I nvr seemed to realise, tht is, until one fine night where syg said something to me, tht maybe made me accept the whole thing. But n'way, we're not as close anymore. What do you expect when you don't speak to a person in months huh? Heh.

N'way, after lepak-ing at Kayu or wtvr tht place's called, walked alone back to school to wait fer my mum. Walking from Taipan to school was quite fun actually, despite the hot weather & long 15 minute walk. Brought back a lot of memories from last yr. Haha. Then after mum fetched me went to Giant Putra Heights to do some grocery shopping & to collect my pay slip. As usual, Giant was empty, but I found it amusing when random ppl I don't rmbr seeing before asked me why I stopped work. Lol. Popular la lak kan. Haha. Poyo jerk.


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