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.Sunday, March 08, 2009 @ 1:18 AM Y

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Thursday the 5th

Had a darn long day really. Woke up at 6-ish after having like less than 3hrs of sleep. Went to Nad's hse at around 7. Hung out at her hse, eventually falling asleep while waiting fer her mum to come home with Nad's shampoo. Pfft. Left the hse to wait fer a bus at 11-ish. Started raining heavily. Arrived & got stuck on the jejantas due to rain. & despite it being made out of metal it started somehow shaking, testing my limits of being afraid of heights. Lol.

Got to Sunway & headed to an ATM machine; Nad wanted to withdraw money. Called syg & told him we arrived. He started asking questions tht were very irrelevant to where he was, supposingly in Bangsar. Haha. Started asking stuff like how many wings Sunway had & where exactly were we going. Had a feeling he was somehow in Sunway but on 2nd thought, it couldn't be possible. Lmao. N'way, after withdrawing money we stopped by Zing's to buy earrings. You couldn't have imagined the terror I had when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind. What do you know, it was Mr. boyf. Haha. Went to Mcd to eat, then I stopped by Cali Fitness to have a quick shower. After tht did a little shopping (well, basically only Nad bought stuff).

Left at 3-ish to attend syg's softball training in Melawati. Stopped by Keramat to pick up his childhood friend, Ain. Very pleasant gal, which Nad & I clicked with within moments. It was fun really, the whole training thing, though basically we did nothing. Haha. Seeing syg play, it was amazing. & mind you, it's not just b'cuz he's my boyf, but it was the way he played. It was totally flawless. Amazing really, cuz you would nvr believe he's actually the sporty sort of person unless you see him in action. Haha.

Had a little chat with Ain, bout how she became friends with syg & stuff. Nothing I had in mind really, just a normal chat. Eventually came to the point of how long I had been with him & things like tht. Well, since she was sorta like syg's close friend, there wasn't much she didn't know really. Course, despite being our 1st time meeting, she knew me almost inside out, though the boyf of course. She knew facts about my background, she knew how syg & I met & went through, basically almost everything. Started discussing about the way he treated girls, after I told Ain about how I started admiring him in the 1st place; through those conversations we had about his ex-gf before we became an item. It was nice hearing the same things I felt coming from another person; it made me feel even more assured tht I wasn't just blindly in love fer nothing. But, well, I couldn't help but also think about other certain possibilities, tht I didn't like at all.

N'way, after tht training session, sent Ain home, & went back to syg's hse. Met his mum again, & this time started calling her 'Umi'. Haha. Idk what had gotten into me really, it just wasn't, uh, me. Wtf. But n'ways. She treated me as her own daughter, making me feel even more at home, despite it being my 2nd time there. She got to know Nad, & asked her the same things she asked when I 1st met her, like family background & stuff. After tht both of us helped her prepare dinner. Later we just hung out, Nad in front resting, while I was watching tv & chatting with dear mum at the back. Lol. Syg of course, unsurprisingly, was already fast asleep on the couch. Haha. Eventually she got slightly tired, & went to rest in her room, basically leaving me alone, while the bestie & boyf slept soundly on the couches around. Pfft. N'way, took a quick shower at kak Intan's room & then forced syg to wake up & teman me. Lmao.

Oh, met syg's future sis in law. Pleasant really, just like the rest of the family. Which, speaking of family. Tht day I felt even more at home, for the fact tht I was closer to his mum than my 1st meeting with her, & tht his brothers actually talked to me, unlike our 1st meeting where I was basically part of the wall. Pfft. Ok, so it was just random questions, like how I was going home or where was everyone or sumthing wtf, but it's still talking wey! Roflmao. His eldest bro was actually quite friendly, since he didn't really seem the type before tht. Everything's abit stupid really, I sound like I'm about to get married with syg soon. Wtfffff. T_T

Due to slight transport probs, left syg's hse at almost 11.30pm. He drove so fast Nad started screaming, & fer the 1st time ever I was actually shouting at him to go slow. Pfft. Started screaming things like 'I didn't want us to die, I wanted to get married & have kids with him, " & stuff like tht. Lmfao.

Friday the 6th

Original plan fer today was to go to Pd with syg & Ain, but a few plans popped out & the best thing was to cancel it. N'way, syg said he drop by & lpak at my hse, so got myself ready. As I came downstairs my neighbour was around, with the 4-month old bby she babysat. The bby was so cute I couldn't help but hold her, but just as I held her she gave signs of wanting to cry. Eventually after a little cradling & patting she eventually became quiet, & fell asleep in my lap. Even my neighbour was surprised, she usually cried non-stop when strangers held her. Oh well, what can I say, you're looking at a good future mummy here. Muahahaha. N'way, syg arrived with Ain, & they had a little chat with the neighbour. Mummy of course, I forgot to mention, was knocked out of tiredom upstairs. Haha.

N'way, ate toast, drank syrup & watched tv fer a while, together with my brother. After tht went back to syg's hse, again. Hung out fer a while, then headed home. Dropped by Summit to have dinner & wait fer Nad to finish work. Otw there had a random discussion about going clubbing. Syg had banned me from going clubbing ever. Not tht I cared really, it's not like I even had the chance to go n'way, so yea. Nevertheless, despite all tht, I myself put a ban on him going clubbing again. Basically to me, it was fair. So wht if you're a guy or gal, its all the same really. N'way, posting my views here would take forever, & even if I do ban him, it's not like I even know if he goes, so I'll let it pass on.

After sending Nad home went back to my place & hung out with mummy. Later on just hung out with him in his car, until he went to fetch his dad after tht.

Saturday the 7th

Had to go to Sri Gombak today, to practice driving fer my test nx week. Or so I think. Not quite ready actually. But n'ways. Went there with another driving instructor, & another 2 students, 26 yr old Fadhil & 17 yr old Victor. N'way, practiced everything, including the test route. Fortunately there was only one, so less probs there. Fer the first round however, I did terribly in the parking & stuff, since it was another instructor & his way of teaching was so unfamiliar. Apart frm tht, his Kancil was the old version, slightly diff. Nevertheless, I pulled through, & managed to do fine. Still not ready though, as I said.

Finished the whole thing at 7-ish. Otw the way home asked the instructor if he could simply drop me home straightaway. Before he could even answer Fadhil said sure, since he was driving the car n'way. & added tht even if the instructor wouldn't send me home he'll send me home, with his bike. Wtf. The stupid dumbass had tried hitting on me throughout the whole day. Haha lameeee. He eventually took my number from some form of mine, & asked me out. Sheesh.

Sunday the 8th

Happy b'day Nad!


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