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.Tuesday, February 03, 2009 @ 10:12 AM Y

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Monday, 2nd February.
A looong day fer me. Was working morning shift, so at 9am got to work & opened the shop. Then, well, it was basically just another long day fer me, greeting ppl, being the cashier & stuff like tht. Two weeks into the job, & its definitely getting boring, & I mean, wayyyy boring. Even now, since I have to work on weekends, I somehow lose track of wht day it really is. Pfft.

Then at around 8.30pm, after work, Amin came to fetch me back to his hse. Planned to go out with his sis, Intan, & her boyf, who came all the way from London. Arrived at his hse at 9-ish, almost 10. Met with his dad for the first time. His dad was a jolly person, welcoming me with open arms. Seeing his complete family, its nice to know such a pleasant family.

N'way, at 10-ish went to Ampang to play bowling with syg, his sis Intan, her boyf, & syg's bro, where we had a fun time laughing at each other & fooling around. Before tht though, we had a slight problem where syg's car keys got locked in the car. Wtf. After endless calls to basically everyone, curtesy of my credit fyi (thx wtf), in the end his eldest brother came & sent the spare keys, fortunately for us. After an hr of playing we all dropped by Taman Melawati to fetch one of his friends, also called Amin. Lol.

Then we went to some place called Danau Kota, where there was this huge night market. N'way, while syg hung out with his friends the other 3 of us went around the market, where Intan & I were holding hands & getting excited looking at cute stuff. Lmao. After the mini tour we went to one of their hangout spots to have supper. Got back home at 3am.

3rd February.
Today was a slightly challenging day fer me. Had to travel via KTM to KL Sentral, all by myself. So you'd be thinking, what's the big deal, but here's the thing, I've nvr actually been on a train in Malaysia, & to add to tht, I had nvr set foot in KL Sentral. So yea, it was scary for me to just suddenly hop onto a train by myself without any guidance.

N'way, for a bad start I got myself on the wrong train. Gah. Fortunately after a few stops I realised & switched tracks. Unfortunately fer me however otw to KL Sentral, some black Frenchman just had to have some stupid interest in me, causing me to have a very uncomfortable journey ahead. Seriously, having some stranger sit nx to you & start going "you're so beautiful, & I like u, maybe we should have lunch together sometime," would have amused me like maybe last yr, but now, all tht's kinda dumb, especially now when I already have someone uber amazing. I mean, which idiot actually goes up to some random person & says "I hope we have a good relationship, I would take good care of you,". & why me? Did all the pretty girls die or summat? Wtfff. N'way, seeing syg at the entrance after those few hours of terror was just a huge relief for me, I could have just dropped down on the floor & start crying. Pfft.

N'way, after tht went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. I was so tired I just dropped dead in the car, till we arrived. Alamanda was quite a nice shopping mall. There we separated, Intan went with Khalid & I walked around with syg. Dropped by at MPH to take a look at some books. Since the books were too expensive for yours truly as we left we had nothing but this:

Your new MPH promoter yaww. Ahahaha.
Reminds me of a pic Nad snapped of her friend where her friend copied the pose of some poster. Lmao.

After meeting up again with Intan & Khalid we all went bowling. Unfortunately after so many times of trying to avoid playing bowling I ended up having to play, & did terribly, mind you. Well, guess tht after 3 times in my life of trying my whole darn best to avoid playing, the 4th time didn't work out anymore. Dang. Lmao N'way, conclusion made, bowling's not my thing, full stop. Guess I'm not all tht sporty person, except perhaps in swimming. No wonder mummy always says being left-handed's a handicap. T_T

At around 8-ish dropped by the Putrajaya Mosque, & camwhored near the fountain located near the entrance. & as results:

A few of the loads of pics we actually took.

After tht, had dinner in Bangi, & finally, 'lepaked' at my hse. Haha. Mummy was quite happy meeting Intan & Khalid, since she was so over-excited in reminiscing her days in London. So syg & I left her bz entertaining them while we busied ourselves going online & eating oranges. Lol. However after an hr of hanging in my hse Papa finally came home, & started his infamous ways of making everyone uncomfortable, by talking like he was someone very high-classed & being slightly rude & racist towards Khalid, just b'cuz he was frm Pakistan. Thx to him, everyone decided to leave, while basically mummy & my fun moments there ended on the spot.

Mummy got pissed, but as quoted from her; "I know your Papa well, & I don't give a fuck n'more of how he wants to be," Well, my dad has the knack of looking down low on others. I would thank God, honestly, tht I did not inherit tht terrible attitude, & followed my mum. Yes, I definitely do not judge others based on how they dress up or wht background they're frm or what colour they are, as in other words, I'd nvr judge a book by its cover.

So then mum started talking about her old days, where she & her sis always hated his nagging went they were renting rooms under the same roof & did all kinds of stuff to him, like adding water to his orange juice after drinking some & hiding his slippers. Haha. Gosh, nvr knew mummy was somehow like syg. Lmao. Funny how all those stuff happened & yet they ended up being married & having yours truly wtf.

A young man concentrating hard on studies & nothing else & a more or less wild young gal whos a 'kaki flirt' & disco queen. Gosh. Guess it's true when they say opposites attract.


.Farah Alia.
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