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.Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 1:12 PM Y

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So. I'm finally done with work. Somehow I'll be missing those moments fooling around with Ana & Aisyah while greeting customers. Especially Ana, I'd grown so close to her ever since she started work this week. I'll also be missing those times serving customers, introducing the Friendly Card & wrapping gifts & stuff. Gah. Stupid management. If only the management was better & I had more time with loved ones even while working, I wouldn't have hesitate to continue working. But guess tht's the way isn't it. Between work & loved ones I'd go fer loved ones anytime. Sayonara Hinode! Well, at least fer now. Tht is, unless the manager does call me in in future to work part time to help them cover up lack of manpower.

N'way, since Ana finished work at 9 last night, we shook hands & hugged, hoping to hang out with each other in future. Aisyah however, was slightly reluctant in me going & kept asking if I was really sure tht I wanted to go. I swore I could almost see her crying before we hugged & left. Haha. Funny how work can bring a few girls so close together. Nevertheless, I'll miss them a lot, & even if they don't call me in once in a while to work part time, I'd still be there to see them.

Yesterday however, some dude from the HQ department decided to make a trip to our shop. Found out he was actually Mr.Vira, the bastard who was always finding fault with me over the phone. True enough, he tried to find fault with all of us, but decided to play it cool with me, knowing the fact tht he could nvr cross my border without me snapping back at him. Yes, Frh Alia may look good enough but fyi my mouth can be vicious too to fight back. N'way, he tried to find the slightest mistakes in wtvr I was doing, from why I was eating in the storeroom to why I was wearing a T-shirt instead of blouse. Well, firstly, if I can't eat in the storeroom, where else am I supposed to eat, on his head? & last time when they all fucking tied me down to the shop just b'cuz I was the only cashier working they didn't seem to have a problem asking me to eat in the storeroom. Secondly, I've been wearing T-shirts ever since I first worked here. Yes, I do wear blouses too, but only occasionally, as wearing a T-shirt made it easier to move around, especially if I was working in the morning, when there was a lot of work to do. Dahlah hipokrit gle. As quoted from yesterday's convo:

Mummy: So Mr. Vira, heard my daughter's been a bad girl.
Mr. Vira: Oh, of course not. She's a very good girl. Speaks very well. *gives stupid grin at me*

Urgh. Xyah nak puji2 aku la kimak. Dah benci trus terang jela fucker.
He even asked my mum to join the company. Hah. My mum would be a better manager than all of you put together you idiots.

Then my 'good old manager' really pissed me off when he cut me off on completely everything, phone calls, being cashier, treating me like new staff, just b'cuz it was my last day. Pergh, xmengenang budi lgsg. After training me on my 2nd day at work & realising how 'hardworking' he had no problem at all asking me to look after the shop, holding the key, putting me on OT mode, making me work full-time, getting me to cover for his stupid mistakes (which fyi, I'm not so fucking stupid to do,) & yet after all tht dump me like I did nothing at all fer his stupid shop. Last night his last words to me over the phone was "Good luck, all the best," Don't worry faggot, I'd have better luck than you in future, you jackass.

Yesterday there was this mini stall in front of our shop selling some face cream called Snow Ayu or Ayu White or some Snow White crap wtf. Then Ana & I spent the whole day joking around with him, after being conned into thinking he just finished his Spm too, when he was actually 23. Pfft. N'way, he looked awfully a lot like, uh, Yon. Of all ppl. Sheesh. N'way, he's staying in Ampang, & I was starting to wonder if he knew syg, since he told me tht he hung out in one of the places syg hung out too.

Oh btw, Farah Alia officially on an anti-carbo diet! Lmao. It started with the fact tht I had gained a lot of weight since I started working & Nad who wanted to have a one day vacation with 2 of her guyfriends & syg & I, at PD. So, yea, diet it is.


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