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.Tuesday, January 06, 2009 @ 11:47 PM Y

Currently tuning into: Nelly Furtado - All Good Things Come to An End

Went out with syg again today. Along with Ramzy & another friend of his, Wan. Went to Summit, cuz the guys wanted to eat KFC & play snooker, & I wanted to see Nad, since she started working at Cold Storage & I hadn't seen her in almost a whole month.

So, around 4-ish syg arrived at my place. Had to call mum since she wasn't home. Was supposed to go to Sunway but made last minute changes & ended up going to Summit instead. N'way, after arriving syg & I went to disturb Nad at her workplace while the other two went around looking at phones. Course, Nad was dead surprised to see us. Haha. Then, we all went to Kfc, since the boys hadn't had lunch & were starving. I however, had already eaten at Sunway after gym so I wasn't really hungry, so settled fer a drink instead. While waiting fer them to finish eating I became slightly bored & went to MPH.

After going to Kfc we all went upstairs to go to the snooker area. The main one(near the cinema), where I used to hang out with Chris, Jeremy & the gang after IU Day 2007 was closed down, so we all went to the other one near the karaoke/bowling section. It was quite interesting seeing the guys play, though I didn't really know much about snooker. Swtz. N'way, at 6 Nad dropped by after work, & we chatted on the past things tht happened while she was away. Then around almost 7 we all went home. First Nad was sent home, them it was me. Everyone but me was basically very, very tired, having not slept for a few days, & everyone fell asleep instantly. Except for Wan of course, since he was driving. Wtf. Syg fell asleep within minutes on my shoulder & mind you, he looked darn cute while sleeping. Dang, should have snapped a pic. Ahaha. Lmao.

Oh, bought this new book from Mph, called Sweetheart From Hell. I rmbr Grace talking about it when we were in school, & it seemed quite interesting, so decided to buy it. Almost fucking rm30 wey! & the goverment wants us to "memupuk minat membace," or some crap. Seriously, if the books actually cost less than rm10 or something I swear I would have bought every single book available there, since I love reading. Dumb Malaysian goverment, all full of shit. N'way, in the beginning of the book the main character, Vicky, divorced her husband just b'cuz they were in a plane & her Chanel lipstick rolled down the aisle & her husband refused to pick it up for her. WTF. God, talk about human behavior.

Oh, finally registering fer driving lessons tmrw. So Goddamn ready to get my license, but can't help but think tht during my first driving lesson I'd be sure to langgar some pokok or tiang or summat. Lmfao. Hope not though.

Apart from tht, I'm still cracking my head in how whether I can still get that IPTA form for my application to UiTM. Apparently, I'm too late, & the fact tht I didn't know how fucking important that form was is currently sinking in deeply in me, not to mention raising my panic level. Apart from tht, I'm still not sure what course I want to take up, & this main problem currently making me very, very frustrated & sick. So much for freedom after Spm huh? Life gets even crappier to be exact.

Did some research just now on UiTM & Unisel. In UiTM, there are courses tht may possibly interest me, but the only prob is the applying part, whereas in Unisel, it may be easy to just apply online, but the courses are sorta limited, or so I think. Gah. I really hope I get the right solutions by the time my results come out. Which reminds me, I also hope tht I do well fer my Spm in the first place. & I hoping tht wtvr course I finally decide taking in the future would be available here in Shah Alam, the nearest place to home.

Yes, I do want to move out, but fer now, I don't want anywhere too far. Fer now I prefer somewhere where I am familiar with the surroundings, & most importantly, where I can be close to my family & boyf. Oh, fyi, when I mention 'moving out' at this point, obviously I mean staying at the U's hostel or summat. Obviously I don't have enough cash to buy my own place fer now n'ways.

Messing with my phone.

Messing with my webcam & phone. Lol.

Took this when syg was asleep, so I don't think he knows about it. Haha. Not a good shot though. Note to self: retake some other time.

Oh btw, I just realised tht right-clicking was disabled in my blog. N'way, I just enabled it back, so if you wanna save any pics of yours in my previous posts here go ahead yah. Tht is, if your pics are in my blog. (:


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