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.Saturday, January 10, 2009 @ 12:48 AM Y

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Boy oh boy, wasn't today an interesting one. Got woken up by syg at 5.30am to get up. Obviously, due to the fact tht I slept at 2am it was hard trying to get up, so syg gave me another half hr. Haha. Then when he called again I spent almost a whole minute mumbling on the phone about not wanting to get up only to realise tht I was actually talking to his friend On, & not him. Wtf. N'way, finally forced myself to get up, take a shower, grab a quick drink, & get out of the hse. Left at around 6.45, since we had to send my brother to school first. Due to jam we arrived at my driving academy at around 8.30. Still had to wait fer our driver to come, who smartly asked us to come by 8 when he was later than us. N'way, mum & I decided to have a drink while waiting. By the time I actually left the place it was already 9.30.

Went there in a van. There were a few familiar faces, like some guy from tuition who I've nvr spoken to, & my schoolmate, Fiona. Arrived at around 10-ish & had to register by giving our ICs & thumbprints. almost couldn't enter class b'cuz of the fact tht I was wearing sandals, thx to some idiot to decided not to tell me tht there were actually certain rules to be followed. N'way, being the 'bitch' I was, I threw a fit there, blaming it all on the person tht didn't tell me not to wear slippers, & telling them tht they should blame me for their own mistake. Sheesh. N'way, at last they allowed me in, but asked me to sit in one of the back rows. Seriously, as if the lecturer would actually come to me & suddenly say "Why are you wearing slippers," in the middle of his lecture. For God's sakes, firstly, I wasn't even wearing slippers, I was wearing sandals, which are decent enough, & it's not like I'm going naked or summat. Gah. All the ridiculous rules ppl make up.

1st part of the course started in the morning, at around 10.30. The lecturer was actually funny, & definitely not boring. Really needed tht, cause if not I would have been asleep in less than 5 minutes. But at least I had syg to chat with via text. However the 2nd part was uber, duper, boredom. The lecturer was perhaps as old as my grandad, & was I bit too serious. Within minutes you could half the class sleeping. Lmao. As fer me, I was chilled right down to the bone. It was fucking cold, mind you, & I hadn't thought of bringing a jacket, unlucky me. The feeling was terrible, I was so cold I was practically shivering, & my arms & legs were numb & painful.

While in class I made some new friends, like 17 yr old Adrian from Tmn Sea, & 22 yr old Ganesh from Australia who just came to Malaysia 3 days ago. His background was more or less like mine, being Malaysian, but growing up in another country. Course, the only difference between us was tht I was born in London, while he was originally born here, though he had stayed in Australia all his life. Since he couldn't understand Malay, & the whole course was in Malay, decided to give him a hand & helped him translate stuff tht the lecturer was saying, with some help from Adrian as well.

It was a new experience really, talking about Australia & other countries & stuff, the 3 of us. & due to him having an accent in his English, I followed along. Idk why, but it just tends to happen tht way. When I speak to a Malaysian my English turns into Manglish, but when to an outsider or summat it'll be just as it has always been since I was young, though with a little less British accent. Not to brag or anything, but you should try listening to me speak to a non-local. Trust me, it's way different. Weird, but true. T.T

The whole thing finished at 4-ish. In the van I made friends with another person, Grace, who was 19 & had just finished her STPM in SMK Seafield. It was fun really getting to know knew ppl, though I have to say tht most of them were stuck-up, mainly the Chinese. No racism here, since I'm 60% chinese too, but it's a fact.

The 'text book' I received today.

500 questions. T_T

Soalan & jawapan. (:

& Frh herself. Wtf.

By the time mum came to get me from the driving academy it was already 5.45pm. By the time I reached home it was 6.30pm. Dropped dead on the sofa & fell asleep instantly.

Call me vain, but boredom called.

Something's currently very wrong with me. Seriously, I'm hoping it's not what I think it is, cause at this time of my life I'm just not ready for all tht yet. It'd better be some normal sickness.

N'way, gonna go study fer my undang test nx week. Gah. More studying. Sheesh.


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