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.Monday, January 19, 2009 @ 12:59 AM Y

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Sooo. 2nd day of work huh? A fucking blast wey! Haha. It was actually fun today, since I was actually bz, & thanks to some very nice customers I had a great day. Idk really, but things just took over today. Lucky I suppose? It was way beyond words to describe what a day I had.

N'way, was working morning shift today, 9am-6pm. Got in, signed in my attendance & helped my supervisor to restock up the shelf items & stuff. After that it was usual customer service & stuff. Then there was this customer who was check out the oil burners & fragrance oils. Naturally, since that was the very item tht I was very familiar with, I gave hime assistance, eventually getting him to buy a complete set; candles, oil burner, & a few fragrance oils. N'way, before he left the shop he did a brief interview (wtf) to me, asking me random questions like where I lived & how long I had worked there. Eventually I told him tht it was only my 2nd day & that I was just a high school graduate. He was quite surprised to find me as only an 18 yr old, & according to him, "a very good speaker", & tht I could go very far in life. Ahh. Words of a wise old man. Ahaha. Course, mum had already briefed me on tht part about communicating well with customers & stuff, but getting this compliment from a customer on my 2nd day at work, the feeling's just wonderful.

After hrs of promoting & eventually turning my words of "rm5 per item" & "rm5 bg setiap brg" in "rm5 per object" & "rm1 bg 5brg" (WTF), I grabbed some African couple's attention, when I said tht every item was for rm5, & the girlf immediately dragged her boyf in the shop. Haha. N'way, while assisting them the boyf asked me if our shop had any gigantic globe, apparently as big as him. Haha. As the conversation went:

African man: So miss, do you know n'where I can get a custom made globe, as big as me.
Frh: *laughs* Well, I'm sorry sir, but I'm not very sure about tht.
African man: Oh, so you're not sure yah Miss, uh, Amin Frh?
Frh: Uh, pardon me?
African man: *points at necklace* That's your name rite?
Frh: Oh, only Frh sir. U can call me Frh.
African man: & Amin is...?
Frh: Uh, tht's my boyf's name sir.


Then around 4pm, my supervisor, Kak Wani had to go for break, but there was no one to be the cashier. In Hinode only the ones that had worked for a long time were trustworthy enough to look after the counter, but today the other 3 salesgirls, including me, were all newbies. However, for some reason she chose me to become the cashier for the day, teaching me how the process was & everything. Was quite confident that I could handle everything but after Kak Wani left I was a mess. I was struggling to pack up items into boxes, which I was very slow at, & promoting the mmbr card at the same time. Apart frm tht I had trouble using the cash machine (or wtvr u call it in this case), having click the wrong keys & stuff. B'cuz of tht, I had a hard time handling my 1st few customers & apologized non-stop while explaining tht it was first time at the counter. Luckily, they understood me well, & forgave me, even if it meant leaving without a receipt & no xtra points in their mmbrship card. Gahh. However, this Indian lady customer comforted me after seeing me so frustrated & said tht everyone has their 1st time in something, & tht I shouldn't worry so much. Then she asked me if I was a high school leaver & stuff, & said tht she was some E-learning consultant & gave her name card & said tht I should give her a call, if I wanted any help on further studies.

As 6.30 came I still wasn't packed up & ready to go, since I was so bz with customers. Guess the supervisor must have found me a bit too commited to work, or weird perhaps, cuz unlike the other 2 newbies in Hinode, I never asked if I could go for break, eventhough I knew well tht it was my breaktime. I always wait for my supervisor to call me & let me out. Besides tht it was 6.30, & yet I was still serving customers, while the others desperately got their things out of the drawer, & signed out, ASAP. If it wasn't for the fact tht my neighbour passed by & offered to send me home, I could have been working overtime I guess.

N'way, while I was walking with my neighbour to the entrance I looked through the msgs I received while I was working, & read one tht was frm syg asking me to call immediately after I finish work. So, I called. & well wht do you know. Surprise surprise, boyf's otw to get me! Haha. Gosh, here was a feeling I wouldn't forget, again. I swore I was so happy I almost cried. Lmao. So much for something wrong with us. Swtz.

The face of a new sales girl on her 1st day of work.

2nd day - Done with makeup.

All good to go! ;D

So, after he fetched me from work we went to Hero to get some stuff for my mum & then stopped by at one of syg's friend's hse in Alam Megah. Then at 7-ish stopped by at my hse cuz syg wanted to perform Maghrib prayers(yes, my boyf prays, unlike me. kthx,). After tht went to Summit to have dinner, & to kacau Nad, as always. Haha.

Before syg left he gave me a bag of gifts, given from his sis. Mind you, they're all so cuteeee! I love her, though atm I don't really know much about her. T.T

Perfect as decos rite? Both 2 of my fave colours. (:

Another teddy, coincidently from Hinode, the place I work at.


Here's the thing about the ladybug. I was looking at it till I got very fasinated by a tiny ladybug on it. Since tht item was basically a ladybug, I assumed it was a fake one, maybe a tiny deco, well, tht is, until it started moving. Another few looks & there was no denial; this tiny ladybug I saw on this deco ladybug was a live one. I mean, imagine tht. How often does one actually get a gift of a deco ladybug & observe it only to find tht there's a teeny weeny live ladybug on it. Haha. I loved it, since I love ladybugs, but mum freaked out, saying everything was a bit too weird. Haha. I placed it on my palm & it just sat there quietly, not showing any signs of wanting to flyaway or summat. Finally I placed it on my jasmine tree. 15 mins later & I went to check on i again, expecting it to be gone. But wht do u know, little ladybug was still there.

I'm still wondering wht this whole ladybug means. It can't be coincidence, it's a bit too much ain't it? Nevertheless, today must have been the luckiest day of my life, apart from the day Casper became mine.


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