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.Monday, December 15, 2008 @ 1:45 PM Y

& she prepares herself fer the great world.

So, lemme get things straight. It's been almost a month since I sat fer Spm, I haven't exactly officially celebrated the end of Spm, I can't really go out, since the boyf's so darn bz & the bestie's practically miles away in another country, I'm stuck at home doing basically nothing, gaining more weight than I already have, & to top things up I'm currently sick to the core, being 'blessed' with the flu, headaches & a terrible cough. Wow. Talk about an awesome start as a high school leaver.

Last night I sat in my room cursing to myself. Just a few months back I had planned so many things to do right after exams, but what do you know, instead I just happen to live a non-exciting life staying at home. & to make things worse, I currently have no phone to use, since mine decided to die out on me. Not that I need it really, since the ppl I regularly contact are unavailable, & the others that contact me are mostly dumb idiots, but well, yea, I can't fucking live without a phone. It never occured to me that all this will get to me, but yea, the more I think about it the more pain & frustration I actually feel. Gah.

& to top things up even more, I have a freaking future to think about. My mum's asking me to apply fer UiTM, & well, I'm currently trying my dead best to get her to put me in Unisel. But the main problem is the course that I'll be taking. All the courses that I plan on taking are the courses that she doesn't want me to take. Business, language, mass comunication, apparently those are fer the lazy ppl. So wht, I AM lazy. Instead, shes asking me to continue taking up Engineering. Me? Engineering? Definitely not a good mix. I couldn't even pass my TK in school, let alone continue in University. By the looks of it, I have 2 choices, going ahead with a course I like, despite wht others say,& be happy about it, or follow my mum & go fer something that will assure me more money. Seriously, ppl nowadays are so money minded. Wht's the freaking point of getting tons of money when you're not happy. Sheesh.

If given a chance, I would so prefer to die early, to forget about all this, but it's life ain't it? I currently feel so fucked-up, so down, so moody, definitely not what I had in mind. & this goddamn cough, gah, I'd wish it'd just go away. I was feeling better just a few days back & now it decides to come back, worse than ever. I've spent the whole day drinking cough syrup & honey, having almost passed out at the gym this morning.

Oh, & my hair's currently short. Not very short, but compared to usual, it's just plain short. Thanks to some stupid bitch who decided to let her feelings out on my hair, I currently look like an idiot.

It may look ok in the picture but trust me, I look hideous in real life.


Now I have fever.
Someone kill me. T.T


.Farah Alia.
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