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.Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 9:50 PM Y

& as I look into your eyes when you talk, it still amazes me that you're all mine, & no one else's.

Gah. I'm tireeeed!

Went out to Sunway fer the whole day, to bring my little cuzzies to watch Bolt, 3D version. N'way, the movie was awesomeee! Bolt was so friggin cutee, & the 3D effects were extraordinary. Spotted a lot of fellow schoolmates, including Wan Ying & Sophia, which I ended up spending half the day with.

After movies went jln2, then met up with Soph & WY at Asian Avenue. Mum wanted to bring Adik to get a temporary tattoo so we went to one of the shops located there. While he was getting his one done Wy, Soph, & I decided to get one too. Well, mum was paying, so why not. Haha. N'way, after almost half an hour of choosing designs Wy ended up with one on her chest, & Soph & I did one on our hands. Initially I was thinking of getting syg's name done on my chest but didn't get it done b'cuz it'd be a little too big, & not to mention costly. Wtff. After tht went to get my 5th pair of ear piercings done, since I didn't get to have it done with Bhai, Jeremy, Jezri & Kevin last night.

Which, talking bout last night. Due to heavy rains I didn't get to go out with my syg syg. Yea, I know, weeks of looking forward to this day & what do you know, it doesn't happen. All b'cuz of what? Friggin rain. Gah. But n'way, instead Mum had dinner prepared & he ate at my house, along with one of his friends. The flaw of last night was mainly the fact that I had no time to spent alone with him, not with my mum around. Sheesh. Basically that was the main thing I was looking forward to about last night, but, well, I guess I'll just have to wait till nx time. Gah. The feeling of having him so near yet not being able to hug or kiss him was excruciating. Wtf. 0.0

On the bright side, it's nice to see my own mum communicating with my boyf. It still amazes me to think that my mum is okay with all this. She's definitely starting to treat him like her own son. Besides that, now, I don't even have to ask for her permission to go out with him. Instead, she's the one asking me when I'll be going out with him. Wtf. Apart from that, I was thinking that she'll never let me go out with him to anywhere that's too far, but what do you know, last night my own mother was the one suggesting us to go to KL. Now, if you were in my place, you'll definitely think that something's awfully very wrong, or maybe very right somewhere. Haha.

It's only second day after Spm, & I'm already feeling uber bored. Someone please save me.


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