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.Friday, November 07, 2008 @ 9:56 PM Y

Fxcking four more days till Spm wey! Idk why, but I feel ready, despite not really studying at all. Wtf.

N'way, about the 2 highlights of last week.

31st October 2008, had our Graduation Day. First time having it in our school wey! Awesomeness. N'way, we all dressed up in our traditional clothes, mine being my purple baju kurung, & we had to wear this red coloured graduation robe, ala2High School Musical la WTF. Fer the fact that we paid freaking rm30 just to wear that stupid robe that made me look like an overgrown tomato, well, yea, it sucked. But n'way, throughout the day many ppl, especially teachers seemed very interested in my heels. Swtz.

Hung out with the B class students fer the rest of the day, since most of my classmates decided to go back early. Did a lot of camwhoring with Mei & Wan Ying, & the food that Mim prepared was yummy.

Which reminds me, pics will most probably be uploaded in my year end synopsis.

2nd November 2008, while most of my friends were busy having fun at the Malam Jalinan Kasih in Sri Sedaya Hall, I was busy having fun lepaking at Sunway with Nad, Mawi, & syggg! Haha. Yea, so it's Sunway, so what, but hello! It's my first date with syg okay, one of the most memorable moments I've had this year.

N'way, got ready at Nad's hse, & at the same time, persuaded her parents to let her out with me. I told her mum that I wanted to go to Sunway to 'beli barang sekolah'. Haha. But after more & more questions it was very obvious that I was lying, eventually causing her to say, "Haa, dah ade cowok eh?". Wtf. Kantoi sial. The best thing was that she asked for his photo. Lmao. Well, what can I say, after all, she called me her 'anak kesayangan'. Wtf. Ahaha.

Then it was time to attack her dad. Lmao. Her dad seemed okay with everything, except fer the fact that he asked me why I couldn't just buy my stuff in Mydin. Err, okay. Dating in Mydin. A lovely experience I assume, NOT. Sheesh. But n'way, he agreed to let Nad out, & even gave her money to belanja all of us, though she didn't. T.T

N'way, we walked around, eventually separating, me being with syg & Nad with Mawi. Walking around, it amazed to think that I came to Sunway almost everyday & yet miss out so many parts of it. Haha. N'way, the 4 of us met up & the game arcade & then decided to have dinner at KFC. After that, more hanging out, & finally, at around 10.30 we fetched Nad home. After that we got to my hse, but hung out near the residential park, until 12.

Basically, a lot of wonderful things happened, but well, storying out everything here would take forever, I think. Lmfao. So, there's just a synopsis of what happened that night. (:

Oh, & did I tell you about that incident I had with one of my 'good' classmates in Sunway? Well, was waiting with Nad fer the guys to return from the washroom. Then I spotted one of my classmates with her friend. Seems random, but that best thing was that she saw me & Nad & pretended not to know us.

I mean, like wow. Why do such a thing? Scared to let your popular friend know that you actually befriend geeks like me? I'm sure you're not freaking blind, ok. These are examples of people I call FAKE. Trying so deperately to look so cool, when basically, you make yourself look like a fool, someone hated. Seriously, the best way to be cool, is to be yourself, obviously.

Btw, next Thursday's me & Sophia's 17th b'day! Gah. Finally. Sweet seventeen. Pfft.
Which reminds me, Sophia, chill okay. Don't let what happened today get to your head. Spm's in a few days time, don't let today's events distract you. You're a lovely gal, you'll make it. Me, Mei, Wan Ying, all of us are here fer you, no matter what, alright. (:

Final good luck & all the best from Farah Alia in SPM peeps. Do ur best! Chaiyok2!
xoxoxo. <33


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